Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Dog days of summer is finally here, the cab industry mostly depend on business travelers, that's where the bread and butter is, but everyone is on vacation. Last night was a shitty night, none of my hookers, pimps, pushers and drug addict clients were calling. If it wasn't for this one big job I had from the four seasons hotel, I don't know if I had broke $100. But a little luck was on my side.

They were a couple of husband and wife team from Texas, the husbands were wearing those funny "nigger hating cowboy hats"in that steaming Washington heat last night. They wanted a tour of the city and we drove around for about an hour and a half. During my years of hacking I read all kind of shit about Washington DC I can get my hand on to be informative, I can tell you all kind of stupid stuff about this city your head will spin. When I dropped them off at the hotel, I charged them $60 but they were so impressed by my knowledge, they paid $100. " Don't waste your time doing this garbage kid, you could do better than this, good luck!" that's what the gentleman said after he handed me the $100 note. You know Cab driving is the Rodney Dangerfield of careers, you get no respect.

I tried to hustle a little bit, nothing interesting! It was so slow, the dispatcher Phil at Diamond was reading the post and doing some crazy ass commentary. I called my Pakistani fellow driver Ali two fingers to see what he's up to, to my surprise him, Pastor Joe(always carries his bible wherever he goes including nude bars), Wall Street Tom(Finance graduate SEC revoked his series 7 and banned him from trading years ago, those Nigerian cons fucked him up!) and Girma(ex Ethiopian Airlines pilot) all the usual suspect of my cabbie friends gave up the streets and started playing poker at Girma's house in Reston. They screamed that I should come but I wasn't in a mode to drive all way to Reston, Virginia and drive back home in Maryland and also I didn't wanna take a risk of losing the lousy $160 I just made to those fucken losers.

I belong to this 24hr gym in my neighborhood (Lifetime fitness) I worked out for a while. It was peaceful but no asses to check out, oh wait a minute! There was one but it was bigger than Rhode Island. I got home around 2am took a quick cold shower, played around online till about 3 and went to bed. While I was trying to sleep I was thinking about that guys comment, "Don't waste your time doing this garbage kid, you could do better than this, good luck!" Why would he say a shit like that after I gave them a tour of a life time, not the bullshit they tell you on those tourmobiles like "so and so live here! This is the VP's residence! This is the embassy of jackass Island!" garbage, I even showed them the route the British took when they burned the White House. They asked me for a tour and I did it well, what's wrong with being an excellent cabbie? Why would he say I am wasting my time? I should have bitch slapped him with that ugly ass cowboy hat of his, or am I being too sensitive?

Mad Cabbie.


kamikasee said...


I was looking for a way to email you instead of posting this in the comments, but I couldn't find an email posted anywhere. Anyway, I want to start by saying that I've been reading your blog for about 2 months and usually enjoy a look into your life, and the lives of those that your job brings you in contact with.

That said, I found this latest post deeply hypocritical. After unloading so heavily on Solberg for his racist commentary, I was surprised to find such prejudicial commentary about your Texan passengers.

I grew up in Texas. I own one of those "nigger-hating cowboy hats", but I'm not, and have never been, a racist. I'm not saying that there are no racists in Texas, because there are. And if you were confronted with that, I would say you would be right to be outraged, just as you were outraged at the commentary from two posts ago.

What I don't understand is why it's okay to assumes something about people you barely know because of what they wear. You wouldn't accept it if I judged you as a criminal or as shiftless or lazy because of the color of your skin. So why is one okay and the other not?

I should emphasize that I'm not defending your passengers as individuals. I don't know the whole story there. Perhaps there were other things said or implied that bear out your "nigger-hating" observation. The man's final comment does show his ignorance about the viability of cab-driving as a career, but he did tip you 66%, which, where I'm from, is a way of saying "job well done."

If there was more to the story, why not share that? Why promote stereotypes and blind hatred? How does that kind of discourse promote understanding or bridge cultural gaps?

I don't really feel like blogs and comments is a good place to have a discussion about this, although it would make an interesting experiment. If you are interested in more dialogue, please drop me an email.

In the mean time, I look forward to more intersting posts about the Mad DC Cabbie :)

Mad Cabbie said...

Great comment kamikasee, I can understand how you feel, I almost erased the "nigger-hating cowboy hat" part because I felt it might start up some shit. I strongly feel that those folks were'nt racist at all as a matter of fact I really enjoyed their company and they tipped well. The phrase "NHCH" is a street description of that particular hat, I did not invent it, its have been there for years. Was I careless in using that phrase? you maybe right.

I am not one of those "poor me, white man did this to me!" cry baby at all, read my post "GREAT COP THANKLESS ASSHOLE" and the comments, you will understand how I feel. And don't forget I have a white mother and I wouldn't want anyone to generalyze her as a racist, because she is not. But comparing my comment and Solberg's is mixing apples and oranges, he is a man of influence and power with a big reponsibilty, I am just a cabbie who write what I feel at that moment the way I see it and that doesn't mean all the garbage I write is right.

My point is this, you just don't go to your accountant's office and tell him "thanks for doing my taxes, by the way why are you doing this garbage for a living?" thats all.

And Sir, I have been in the great state of Texas quite a few times, It was a great experience, infact I could talk about the poon tang I had while I was there but thats another story. I do apologize if I offended anyone out there but at the same time I don't want to be a pussy and republish it, after all I am just a dumm cab driver don't take me seriously.

Mad Cabbie

kamikasee said...


I didn't realize the NHCH was a standard term. Perhaps I need to get out more. I appeciate your honesty. As I said before, I enjoy your blog and will continue to be an interested reader.

lugosi said...

A few years ago a local DJ (Al Santos on 105.9) made a reference to Africa as "the dark continent" while introducing some foreign artist. Later in the broadcast he ended up having to explain himself because of the number of complaints he got from listeners accusing him of saying something racist.

And before anyone jumps in my crap about the phrase, the term refers to the fact that Africa was considered mysterious and forboding by the first European explorers.

As to the question of whether you're being overly sensitive: No, I don't think so. People automatically assume I'm ignorant because I drive a cab. Now my friends will agree with that assessment, but if you're a stranger, at least give me the opportunity to prove it first.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mad DC Cabbie,

Just started reading your blog recently, all the way from 1st to latest in the last few days. I must say that, from a non-cabbie perspective, you & fellow cabbie writers (Hungry Dave, NYHack, Lugosi,etc) really lead interesting working lives, compared to a working stiff like me.

Re: 'No Respect' - Interesting that people almost always have presumptions about one's 'intelligence' or knowledge based on one's occupation. I'm in sales & some of my customers (mostly health professionals) are still amazed at some of the topics I discuss about when I meet them, like I'm not supposed to have this grasp of info just because I'm, like, just a salesman. Duh!

Looks like you Americans are still still navigating the race issue/realities after a couple of hundred years. That's understandable, as the US is geographically HUGE & with such diverse demographics, it's to be expected, so long as we are sensible about it.

Heck, where I'm from (small, youngish, ex-British colony, speck of a nation), we are still waaaaaaay behind in terms of even recognising our (racial)differences & moving beyond just colour-coded policies. Underneath our skins, we all have the same range of emotions, strengths & weaknesses, as we are only human.

I think this is way too long for a casual comment. Thanks anyway, will keep reading your input, so keep it up!


wil said...


Since I wear a western hat all the time, I must resemble that remark.

Never judge a book by its cover

DC Cab Rider said...

On a completely different part of that commentary - you always drive at night? More profitable than driving during the day? Always wondered.

wil said...

Always at night.

I think that I have only worked in the daylight for a noncontiguous total of 5 years out of my adult life. I am a natural nocturnal person. Maybe I have some Transylvanian blood in my background. [wink]

I earn double (or more) what the average day driver does. I usually work 10-13 hours, depending on how busy the morning is scheduled to be. Day drivers will often work 18-20 hours and still not equal my income.

I believe in working "smart" rather than working "hard".

When we have too many cabs on the road for the number of calls we are getting, I just go home and play on the PC. There are few calls between 11:00pm and 1:00am, when bar close starts.

Mad Cabbie said...

Kamikasse, I tried to send a personal email but I guess the link was bad or something. I am glad you understood where I am coming from on that phrase. Next time I will be real carefull but thanks for reading my posts.

Hey Lug, I think I remember that, Wasn't he interviewing Masakela? Lug, you might be pain in the ass you know, but the word on the street is you are a SMART ass. You know I luv ya Lug!

Eric, Thanks for the love man! even though we have shitty race relations here in the states, I am still thankful that I live in this great nation of ours, we are not perfect but we are working on it!

Wil, I am surprised that a lot of people didn't know that NHCH phrase, there was even a country song called, something like, My baby my truck and my NHCH.

DCCR, I think Wil answered your question, driving cab during the day in washington is a bitch, with the traffic and everything. But if you're willing to work all areas at night without being a pussy, there is lots of cash at night and I don't like the stuck up, suit and tie day riders going to capitol hill, I love my loose drunk ass pips going to the hore house and giving me shit on the way. On top of that there are all kind of stuff that riders ask that you can charge extra! like, round trips, booty pick ups, foot rubs, you know shit like that. And don't forget you don't get the fun of hearing gun shots and stab wound victims lying on the streets of Washington during the day DCCR!

Red said...

Who listens to Country music?
Washington Tours?
Foot Rubs?
Booty Pick-ups?
for you?

I'm gettin jealous!

I was born in DC yet never been in the Washington monument. I guess us locals see less than the tourist do.

MJ06 said...

Mad Cabbie whats your guys usuall average income for a night?

Mad Cabbie said...

Mj it depends on the driver and also skill level and hours logged.

DC is one of the best places to drive a cab because the system allows you to own your own cab without paying a ton of cash, so you are not a slave to big companies, what ever you make is yours less gas, insurance and repairs.

I will say DC hackers make anywhere between $25K and $100K.

I don't wanna say what I make, but I am at the bottom of the food chain:o(

MJ06 said...

Okay I really did not want to know you what you made personnally I just wanted to know in General what you were all around.

SkippyMom said...

I absolutely love the blog....I landed here from "London Cabby" somehow...hee!

I must say on this post I think he was paying you a VERY backhanded compliment. Although he insulted the very fine job you have [and appear to enjoy] I see him as being duly impressed at your knowledge and ability to retain and espouse the knowledge. BRAVO.

Now how to I retain you to give me and the kids a great tour like that?

[no I don't have creepy misbehaved kids....I PROMISE!!!]

I would love to do this kind of tour! Honest...can you email me? please?


We live in Loudon - but would gladly meet you in DC if at all possible!