Thursday, July 20, 2006


"Do you really date women that would refuse to go out in the cab?"

That was a comment from a friend of mine when I told her the main reason I have another personal car beside my cab is for dates. I think getting laid would be very difficult if I show up on a date driving my cab, the chances are there won't be a second date. I am being honest guys, like I said before, cabbies don't get any respect. I am not saying all girls are like that but the majority are.

So this is a question for the cabbies out there, what is your experience picking up a chick with your ugly ass cab? ( I am talking about girls you meet on the outside when you're not driving your cab, Not the horny passengers you bang in the back seat!) Lugosi, I am expecting a story from you bro, I have a funny one involving a valet parking and a date who disappeared for a future post.

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

You are right. It's not the most fancy thing to take your cab for date. I have never taken any girl in my cab on a date. That's the reason I haven't been on a date in the last couple of months, cuz I sold my other car. I will be taking classes in the fall semester. So I am looking to buy another car. I am definetly not going to college in my cab.
Anyway did you get a chance to be around Union station last night, when they had evacuated it because of the bomb threat. Looked like all the D.C police department was at Union Station.

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous, I hope you get your wheels pretty soon and start getting some poons man, and I was watching that shit at Union sation on TV, by the time I came out to work, everything was clear. Good luck in your classes and don't be a stranger dude, I like it when fellow cabbies read my shit!

Red said...

I can imagine that picking up a date while driving your cab may be difficult, especially, with the sterotyping cabbies must get.

I admit I have only been in a cab twice in our area and the first time I vaguely remember it due to my drunken state. I have since been enlightened by Mr. Mad Cabbie and your tales.

BUT I would think that if a woman accepted a date it shouldn't matter about the vehicle. Or has it caused a date to turn into work because a fare tried to jump in?

Does "the horny passengers you bang in the back seat" happen often? I really hope you clean those backseats on a regular basis.

Mad Cabbie said...

A lot of cabbies tell me it happens quiet often, but in my 16 years of hacking it only happened once about ten years or so ago.I tell you, having sex in the car is over rated its not comfortable at all, it was funny the way it happened maybe I need to write about it Red!

But my backseats get cleaned every day!!

Hey Red be honest, what if you meet a guy on, after talking for while, he comes and picks you up driving his cab on the first date! what would be your first reaction?

Drunken state uh?

lugosi said...

Sorry, but I don't date the kind of women who will go out with cabdrivers.
I have my standards, you know.

Mad Cabbie said...

Didn't I say you are a smart ass lug, thats funny lug!

Red said...

You'd be surprised what I did go out with from I always believed people were honest but I was wrong.

With that said... No I don't think I would mind. I would just be afraid of someone needing a cab ride.

Then again I don't think I've been picked up for a date since high school. Hahahaha

Mad Cabbie said...

Trust me you are one of the few ones Red.

You looking at the wrong places Red!

DC Cab Rider said...

I would be uncomfortable on a date with a guy who showed up with a taxi. Not so much for choice of career, but because at that point a date turns into a ride in a cab. It's one thing if you've dated for a bit, but the first couple of dates, I'd rather ride in his private car, not his work one.

Then again, it may also have to do with the too many times I get hit on by cabbies when I all want is a ride home after a long day at work. But we've been down that discussion road before ;).

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks for being honest DCCR.

Do you think you get hit on by cab drivers than any other dudes?

DC Cab Rider said...

I'd say I get hit on more by cab drivers than other transportation workers or work environments. Which is what I consider the cab. I haven't been hit on more by cabbies than guys at clubs. But you go to a club expecting or hoping for that. When I get in a cab, all I want is a safe ride home.

Mad Cabbie said...

Would it be different if a captian of 747 doing his walk around, hitting on you while you're chilling in the first class DCCR?

DC Cab Rider said...

Well first of all, I can't imagine wanting to date a commercial pilot, but that's another thing. And yeah, I'd rather a pilot doing his walk around pay attention to the wings not falling off and the engines not dying instead of asking me for a date. I can always find a date. A plane that isn't going to crash and kill me is of more importance.

Anonymous said...

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