Wednesday, July 12, 2006


..."They were black," Solberg said. "This is not a racial thing to say that black people are unusual in Georgetown. This is a fact of life.
About 400 people crowded into a church in Georgetown on Monday night to discuss the Senitt killing. Solberg, the commander of the 2nd Police District, was addressing that forum when he made his remarks about race. Senitt was white, and the suspects in the case are black.

When he made the comment, Solberg was telling the crowd to report suspicious-looking people to police when they see them in the neighborhood. He talked about the suspects in the Senitt killing and described one as a "chubby, stocky guy" and one as a 15-year-old. He said at 2 a.m. they "are going to stand out" in the area...

...Ramsey(DC police chief) said yesterday that Solberg is "a good man, not a racist or anything like that." Ramsey said he opened the investigation because "public trust is not something we can afford to lose." He reassigned Solberg to the police department's security services section pending the outcome of the investigation...

Staff writers Karlyn Barker, Henri E. Cauvin, Lori Montgomery, Robert Samuels and Clarence Williams contributed to this report for the Washington Post.

Fact of life my ass Inspector Solberg, Should I not give rides to black people because its a fact of life? NO. I go in to neighborhoods your own cops don't touch without drawing their service guns and all I have is a stupid ass baseball bat! "Are you fucking crazy Mad Cabbie? You are doing a suicide mission, don't try to be a hero Mad!" No, I am not trying to be a hero, its called "doing the right thing" By making a foolish comment like that to impress a white audience, how does the hard working black community who live in high crime areas trust the police to help them solve the crime problem while being generalized as criminals themselves.

I am not in to political correctness at all, but as a professional law enforcement officer, he is out of touch on how effectively protecting the community from these animals who butchered Mr. Senitt. One of my best friends since high school who is white, is a Montgomery county police officer and we discussed about the situation and he was explaining to me that those kind of comments could cripple the efforts of those police officers who want to go out there and make a difference in the community and I believe he is right on the money.

Let me protect my ass a little bit here, I am not saying that Inspector Solberg is a racist at all, I don't know that, but since I am a dumm ass cab driver, my reading comprehension might have been poor when I read the Washington Post article.

So Chief Ramsey, let me define what Inspector Solberg's comment for you the way I understood it : "Watch out for those niggers who hang around in Georgetown just to have a good time, watch out for those niggers who attend Georgetown University, watch out for those niggers who are bartenders, waiters, cooks and parking lot attendants, watch out for those well to do niggers who live in Georgetown walking their dogs, watch out for those niggers holding hands with white chicks, watch out for those nigger cops even though they are my guys and protecting the community they are not to be trusted, watch out for those cab drivers most of them are sand niggers, and talking about cab drivers, watch out for this ugly tall Mad Cabbie guy, he is a double trouble, he is half nigger and half Nazi besides I don't like his stupid ass blog."

Mad Cabbie.


wil said...

Aw, come on.

Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think. ;)

I just wrote a huge ass response and then chucked it.

What I was trying to say is:


Red said...

Your into political correctness now... and why not?

Be the voice. You do it rather well.

Mad Cabbie said...

You know exactly what I think Wil, But I don't want this motherfucker to take over my retirement, I got to look both ways before I cross the street Wil!

Hey Red, are you accusing me being PC, its like telling you that you are a Rosie O'Donell look a like!

Red said...

Ewww Rosie!

You can't help but be politically correct on this one cause they surely aren't. Or rather Solberg isn't and they are defending his racial remarks.

Solberg is in a position of influence and he should be more careful with his statements. I'm not saying that people aren't weary of black people in, so-called, unexpected areas, but it's about more than their color, it about suspicious people, which should not be determined by their color.

So if people are weary of black people in unexpected areas then its generalizing and no one will ever wake up and racism won't stop when these public officials make statements like Solberg did.

People can often be misunderstood and we should know that better than most since we put ourselves out there and blog. Remember this comment, "Had too many bad dates, uh? Maybe you are the problem, ever think of that?"

Mad Cabbie said...

GOD! you don't forget Red, I hope you didn't forget the part where I said "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an ass!"

Red said...

My point was you didn't mean it like that.

To Mad Cabbie readers: He did apologize. But it hurt me deeply when I first read it.


Lugosi said...

People make judgements based on appearances. Right or wrong, that's a fact of life.

It's also a fact that if someone had made racsist judgements about 19 middle eastern looking guys on the morning of September 11, 2001, three thousand people would not have died that day.

Mad Cabbie said...

Lugosi, fact of life does not make it right, people get murdered every day, thats fact of life, does it make it right? NO.

Don't forget they were looking for some middle eastern suspects right after the Oklahoma building bombing.

And I disagree with you, September 11, 2001 would have been a normal New York day if there has been a quality inteligence work done couple of month prior, not profiling every Arab who boards a plane in the U.S everyday.

How about patting down every black person you have in your cab before you give them a ride ? would that stop crimes committed against cab drivers? thats pretty much what you're saying lugosi!

Hey by the way, some dumm ass Red Top cut me off at National Airport yesterday, it wasn't # 69(lugosi's cab #) so I gave him the finger.

MJ06 said...

I guess there is also some big crime wave now in Washington D.C.

Mad Cabbie said...

Yeah Mj, the chief announced a crime emergency what ever that shit means.

lugosi said...

The Red Top that cut you off would have been an Arlington one. Those morons can't drive worth crap. By the way, some ways to tel the Arlington Red Tops apart from the Fairfax ones:

* Arlington Red Tops have a RED hood; Fairfax Red Tops have a Black hood.

* The plastic thingie on the roofs of the Arlington cabs have red lettering; the plastic thingies on the roofs of the Fairfax cabs have black lettering.

* Oh, and another subtle clue is that the Arlington Red Tops say "ARLINGTON" on the doors. Fairfax Red Tops say something else, though I forget exactly what.

Uncle Tom Bill said...

Can't say that I blame him for the way he feels. Every time a cabbie gets killed here in Atlanta, it's always a Young Black Male that does the dirty work! Can you imagine getting killed because a low mentality nigger wants $150.00?

That's usually about the amount they get. And when these assholes are on trial, the other niggers "Silver Rights Leaders" start whining about "we are against the death penalty"!

Anonymous said...

"Watch out for any niggers who hang around in Georgetown"

Believe me we do! And luckily they stand out.

And if you think there's anything wrong with that why don't you try hanging around in Columbia Heights or Anacostia?
Go for a stroll around at night. Do you think you'll live to tell about it?

Ryan S. said...

Wow Mad Cabbie are you serious? Do you really believe that someone with half-a-brain will fail to see through your ass-kissing, pious guise?

That entire comment about the black cop trying to impress an all-white audience is the epitome of one of US society's biggest flaws-- double standards and an overall acceptance of discrimination against "evil" white people (men). Listen, Georgetown is very white, but not by segregation. Wealthy East-Asian, Indian and Europeans (both immigrants and native) live there. While it is predominantly white, thats due to the higher mean wealth and degree-obtained levels of white and Asian people (notice that every races nomenclature is capitalized except "whites"). The fact is, black people SHOULD stick out there because they 1) don't live there, 2) live on the other side of the city and 3) are the culprits of 99% of thievery and violent crimes in DC (and in ever other area they inhabit).

As a DC college student, I receive emails from my University, called "Crime Alerts", that provide students with reports of dangerous crime committed on our campus and the surrounding area. My girlfriend and I read threw all of the crime alerts we've received throughout the past four years, and we started laughing by the end of our reading. What was so funny? Not that over 1000 alerts were sent to our email, but the fact that every violent crime and crime involving thievery was by African Americans, while only a handful were committed by students or whites and they were all concerning alcohol violations.

Two years ago a friend (white) and I were walking across campus to our gymansium at 830pm on a Thursday night. We were walking in well-lit areas (of course) and our destination was in a supposedly "safe area" on our main campus. When we say SEVEN black men-- decked out in hoodies and ghetto-wear-- we made sure to act normal because we understand that we would be tagged as "racists" and susceptible to near-unlimited harm by society if we acted in the interest of our safety. The black men surrounded us, and one (the one behind my friend of course) tapped him on the shoulder, only to punch him in the eye (fracturing his eye socket) with brass knuckles when he politely turned around. We were jumped and excessively beaten, to the point that my friend had partial vision loss (permanent) in his left eye, a broken rip and a gash on his forehead. I was left with a concussion, a broken nose, shattered cheekbone and a split lip. My friend had told me that he though they were going to "ask for directions" when they surrounded us with hoods-up, and tapped him on the shoulder.

We were brutally assaulted and NOT robbed, for no reason, by a group of black Howard students. We would find out that these Howard students had committed a number of assaults over the years on our campus. What wasn't reported in our campus newspaper, was that the numerous physical and sexual assaults they had committed were against ONLY WHITE STUDENTS. No race crime was reported, Now, if a group of white boys from my University went to Howard, and repeatedly brutally assaulted (including sexual assault against black female students), outnumbering at least 7-2 each time, and with only a motivation to harm them, we would probably be put to death. Remember how those Duke lacrosse players' lives were ruined over something they didn't even commit? Imagine what would happen to us.

Ryan S. said...

Now, my point is that, white people are very RARELY racist. Why? Because we are the one race (no matter how successful we are) that has to feel guilty for its existence and ignore the atrocities (that are far worse than any we've committed) that have been-- and often still are (look at Africa, Asia or the slew of crimes committed by minorities in the US) caused and committed by every other race. Wealthy and upper-middle class white people are forced to feel doubly guilty, even if they too are descendants from recent immigrants to the US, and have worked for every dollar they've made despite equal hardships.

Don't you think that a competent police force should act when they saw 7 gang-banging black males (the most criminal demographic in America), with hoods up and puffy coats walking around a completely wealthy, white area. Or do you actually think that they should ignore the facts of life and let those gangbangers beat up, rob, rape and murder innocent white people because it would be "insulting and biggoted" to make sure they didn't. After all, white people pay far more taxes per capita to a government that openly implements laws that give minorities considerable advantages and take away theres. What evil basterds, we deserve it, right!?

My family is a mix of Persian, Irish and Swedish blood, and I am a fourth generation resident of the US. Nobody in my family was even here when slavery existed, and we had to work our way through incredibly discrimination and poverty. Did you know that there were MORE Irish slaves in the Americas during the 17th century than black? Did you know that there were no laws protected Irish slaves? Did you know that my aunt, uncle and cousin were literally crucified (just seven years ago) in Iran for being christian Persians? Did you know that my father, who grew up piss-poor in a family of 19 witnessed a group of black highschool students take a brick and smash his twelve year-old brothers' skull as gang initiation? Oh yeah, my Dad's life was fine until Brown vs. the board of education. After that, he regularly had to plead with black kids by saying "please don't hurt me anymore, please don't take my books/clothes/etc... I'm poorer than you! Please leave me alone!" Every time he saw them, a group of them would be waiting in the bathroom to attempt killing another of his siblings, or harming him in some awful way just because he was white. Nobody talks about this, but it's fukkin true.

So, "Mad Cabbie" stop trying to get a pat on the back by ignorant, racist minorities who hate white people because 1) They are encouraged to and 2) can suck even more money/life out of them. Grow up, and open your eyes for once. Maybe, if you stop acting like such a loser, you can become something more than a cabby. After all, affirmative action, free healthcare, college funds ONLY for minorities, 10% quotas for minority scholarships at prep schools are just a spec of what's available to allow you a ridiculous advantage over my hard-working family!

Ryan S. said...

In the second sentence of my first post I meant "white cop" not black cop.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those that are not niggers, and niggers alike, for those are the niggers that will twist your cap back...