Tuesday, July 25, 2006


If you are a DC cab driver who lives outside the city in Virginia or Maryland like myself, when your cab is out of commission, you are out of luck, you are pretty much fired on the spot. The law they have been enforcing since march will not allow you to register another cab just because you are not a Washington DC resident. In another word you are FUCKED!

The retards at the DMV are having a hard time understanding that a DC Taxi Cab is a bushiness owned by the driver operated in Washington DC. There is no logical reason on why the DMV denies a legal driver with a legitimate DC hack license a registration card and tags.

"Schwartz said her staff is researching how other jurisdictions handle the issue, and a resolution is expected this fall."

I don't know what happened to you Carol Schwartz, you used to be the champion of cab drivers. What is there to research? We met and chatted in a couple of occasions when you stopped by the kitchen I used to volunteer, infact you commented that you liked my freaky hair. " Get to the fucken point Mad! You think your readers will be impressed that you shmoozed with the council woman?" You are bright and a very reasonable person. Carol, you have the power to get it done, and lets do the right thing, Why would you cut the city's revenue it would have generated from the potential 7000 drivers who will be denied from registering their cabs in the city in the coming years. If you have to charge extra for a special plates, do so.

My cab is about 10 years old with high miles, even though it is in a great condition now, there is going to be a time its going to quit, so in that case I will be forced to rent from a cab company and be a slave, if I want to stay in the cab bushiness. That will be the day Mad Cabbie walks into the sunset, away from hacking and maybe then I will be in line outside the kitchen with an empty plate, instead of volunteering inside.


DC Cab Rider said...

"Get to the fucken point Mad! You think your readers will be impressed that you shmoozed with the council woman?" -- No, I'm more impressed that you've got freaky hair. ;)

I thought you lived in DC MadCabbie.

Something I'm confused about on the regs - if you live in MD or VA, can you just register your cab there and work in DC? Or is it illegal to be a DC cab driver if you don't have a DC license plate?

DC Cab Rider said...

On a whole other topic -- there's a cab stand at Lincoln Park? Was in a Diamond cab going to a meeting this morning and the dispatcher was yelling at some guy about being in the cab line at Lincoln Park. (not sure if he was mad because the guy was there or because he wasn't -- I had to get out to my meeting)

MJ06 said...

I dont follow exactly I am with DC Cab Rider so what happens exactly they only want cabs with Washington D.C. licensplates to work in Washington D.C. ?

You are also talking about your cab it's self are they thinking of vehical age restrictions for cabs as well?

I know New York city has that which is rediculous the price of a medalion is beyond sky high there and on top of that the cabs have to be replaced every two years which is rediculous as well.

lugosi said...

Mad Cabbie: Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this...

First, there's a distinction to be made between cab drivers who lease from a cab company as opposed to those drivers who actually own the vehicle. The law in question only applies to those who own their own cab.

The city is saying that anyone who registers a car in DC needs to live in DC as well. They're not recognizing the fact that a cab is a business, same as a liquor store or a gas station. Those business owners, on the other hand, do not have to be DC residents. That raises the question of why those business owners can live where they want while cab owners must live within the District of Columbia.

The other thing is that when the law was passed a few years ago, it grandfathered in existing private owners of cabs so long as they kept the same car. Finally, the law had pretty much been ignored until some bureaucrat got a bug in their ass and decided to enforce it.

I can tell you that there is no such regulation in Fairfax County. Although most Fairfax Red Top drivers lease the cabs (including myself), we do have a few that own the cars. I know of one driver specifically who lives in Prince William county.

Anonymous said...

Right now the law isn't bothering me as a cab owner. I own the cab in a way that I hve paid it off but it's title and tags are still registered in the cab company's name. I am trusting the cab company with having the title of the cab so I don't have to go through the whole trouble of this newe law cuz I live in VA. Now I hope the cab company doesn't fuck me up. Although I am thinking to atleast have the title in my possesion just in case.
One more thing, lately I am seeing some D.C cabs with only VA or MD tags. I heard from someone that if a cabbie is not a D.C resident he can still drive a cab with the tags from his state of residence. So the car doesn't have to be registered in D.C.

Mad Cabbie said...

DCCR, If you ever get in my cab, the first thing you will notice is my hair, and then you say to yourself..."I know I am tired of cabbies hitting on me but this guy better make his move now!"
DCCR, I think what happened is the driver lied about being physicaly on the stand while he left and had you in the back seat. (some other driver saw him with you!)

Mj, they are trying to enforce this stupid law, no live in dc no taxi tags and the age limit on cabs is 10 years but they don't bother you on that as long as you pass inspection.

You understood it quite well Lug, and like myself the cab is grandfathered with the existing tag, but I can not buy a new cab and get some tags. You dealing with people with a thirld world attitude in a capitalist society.

Anonymous, you got to protect yourself in writting, your dctc in the company's name might be worth in the 100's of thousand of dollars in the future. For your own info, right now Diamond has prepeard a contract for private owners that protects your ownership of the car and DCTC if you register through Diamond(202-378-6200)

Anonymous said...

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