Monday, July 24, 2006


It was supposed to be a quite Sunday night, a night off with no drama, but I ended up changing a tire in south east DC and some chicks foot shoved in to my mouth in Bethesda.

I promised my 10 year old niece that I will watch the Ms Universe contest with her at my sisters house and we did, I had a great time with her. By the way I was pulling for the Ethiopian chick but she didn't make it to the top ten, I was bummed out, you guys know I have a thing for Ethiopian girls. I don't know man she was a little stiff, may be that's why.... "Jesus! Mad, enough with the Ms Universe shit already! What do you know about the cat walk? Get to the fucken story!"

I got home around midnight and as soon as I changed and start relaxing the home phone rings, I looked at the ID it was pastor Joe, he never calls me home and I was concerned.

ME: Pastor! Are you okay?
PJ: I'm okay zebra, my cab has flat tire, I need help!( he calls me zebra to point out I am a product of a black and white parents)
ME: What the fuck Pastor, you think I am AAA or something!
PJ: I got a flat at the worst place Zebra! I am around Alabama and Good Hope road in south east and some crazy ass nigger is going to smoke my white ass. Come on Zebra, this is the wrong place for a white cab driver to have a flat, I can't change the fucken tire out here by myself 12:30 in the morning! Get your ass out here man!!!

Now I am worried, it wasn't a safe place to be alone for anyone.

ME: Did you try to call two fingers? He's got to be working!
PJ: That motherfucker works 365 days a year, the night I need him, he takes the fucking night off! Come on Zebra, stop bullshitting get your nigger ass down here quick! And don't forget the favor I did for you!
ME: What favor?
PJ: You remember in 1996, those pimps where chasing you and.....
ME: Alright! Alright! Pastor, you don't need to go there, stay in the car I am on my way.

I drove my cab to the location, I found Pastor Joe shitting in his pants, hiding in his cab with doors locked. I laughed my ass off when I saw his red face. We changed the tire without an incident. While we fucked around in south east not a single DC police cruiser passed us by, they were all out fighting crime in Georgetown and Adams Morgan, checking out chicks with short skirts.

Pastor Joe insisted on buying me a coffee and we stopped by THE DINER in Adams Morgan, it was pretty busy for a Sunday night, we talked shit for about an hour and we split. I wanted to go home bad, I was tired, and as soon as I pulled off from the curb three hot chicks flagged me down, I told them as long as there going north I can take them and they wanted to go to Tuckerman street in Bethesda, and it worked out well for all of us.

They were three Jewish princesses from New Jersey with a little buzz, couple of them visiting their friend who lives in Bethesda, who was sitting in the front seat next to me, her feet on my dashboard. She had pretty feet with long toes and I noticed a toe ring on her pinky toe which was very sexy, I think toe rings are cool but I have never seen a toe ring on a pinky toe before, so I commented that the toe ring looks cool on the pinky. As soon as I said that, they laughed and screamed and started chanting "Foot Boy! Foot Boy! Foot Boy!" Kelly, the girl with the pretty feet insisted that I have a foot fetish and said, she drives men crazy all day long. She didn't believe me when I told her I really didn't know there was such a thing as "foot fetish" until a few month ago. That didn't stop Kelly to give me a face massage with her feet while I was driving north on Wisconsin avenue, I didn't know where those feet have been but for some reason it felt good and I didn't mind in fact I noticed a sudden movement in my pants. Thanks Kelly!

I had no choice but to break my rule again, I gave my blog address to Kelly to prove to her that I learned about foot fetish life style not too long ago. So Kelly please read THE RUSSIAN FOOT WORSHIPER, pretty feet is all nice and good but I was more concentrating on your chest Kelly!

Mad Cabbie.


lugosi said...

Maybe it's just me, but if it doesn't have a nipple, I don't want it shoved in my face.

Mad Cabbie said...

I don't know lug, for some reason it was interesting!

MJ06 said...

Hey thanks for answering my question under no respect.

By the way whats all going down with this crime wave in Washington D.C. is it over yet or still going on or have they just accepted it as the new standard?

Red said...

So you have a foot fettish, eh?

Did you hear the Solberg apologized and he's been reinstated?

They have also implemented a curfew for anyone under 16 due to the crime wave. Exceptions are only made if they are with a parent or legal guardian.

Mad Cabbie said...

Your welcome Mj, Crime always skyrockets during the summer in DC its nothing new, but when it started to happen in high profile parts of the city it gets all the attention.

Yeh Red, I think if he apologized he should get his job back, he didn't commit any crime, I hoped he learned a valuable lesson, but its so funny they are forcing him to watch the movie "crash"! good flick by the way.

No I am not a foot man Red, you know what I like. Remember my comment about your pic? I don't mind being guilty for being in to those.

Does the curfew mean Red is not allowed in DC after midnite?

Red said...

I'm WAY over that age limit but don't tend to hang out in DC... But there is the Blogger Happy Hour coming up and Miss Chatter and I are planning on attending.

KG said...

What's up Tony! haha you called as Jewish Princesses...It's should be more like Jewish sluts....I enjoyed reading your blog...and the fact that you just discovered about foot fetish recently doesn't mean you're not a foot boy Tony...I think you fell in love with my feet hahaha....You're the coolest cab driver, I am glad there was some movement in your pants and thanks for the fun ride!!!


Mad Cabbie said...

Okay Kelly you win! I just came out of the closet. Mad Cabbie has foot fetish!!!

I was trying to focus on your chest but your feet keep getting in the way Kelly.

You guys were good sports, I appreciate the biz!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Mad Cabbie! Found something new & interesting about yourself huh? That's why I envy you guys driving around, meeting all sorts of people and even discovering (new) fetish(es)!

Keep it up!


Mad Cabbie said...

Eric, Its a jungle out there, I am just trying to navigate my way out.

I think a well groomed feet tells a lot about the woman! but I don't know I have a foot fetish, I don't know, I will let you know Eric!!

DC Cab Rider said...

Is it a guy / gal thing? I can't thing of much that I want shoved in my face univited ;).

kilgorsky said...

Goddamnit, I wanna be a cab driver.

Mad Cabbie said...

Kilg, its a pretty cool job driving a cab at night, we call it the Jerry Springer Shift!!!