Friday, July 07, 2006


Its nice to be back after a little break. I had a good time up in the mountains and like I wrote the last time, my friend K was in town with her daughter and I spent great amount of time with them.

Last night was an okay night. Some where around 10:30pm I picked up four women from the Dancing Crab restaurant in Tenleytown, they wanted to go the Washington Marriott, they were loud tipsy middle aged chicks who smelled real bad after the crab feast, God they stunk up my cab,after they paid me well the smell went away.

Later on one in the morning I picked up this black kid around 10th and E across the FBI building after ninety nine cabs passed him by. He complained about empty cabs not stopping for him because he is black, I told him to shut up and enjoy the ride, but I let him smoke in my cab though. "Aren't you a little insensitive, Mad Cabbie? How about listening to this young African American man's problem? He is suffering night after night trying to flag a cab after he gets off from work at the Hard Rock cafe!" Hey, there are all kind of problems in this world its ugly and fucked up, the only thing I can do is to go out there and do the right thing and call it a day, besides that I don't want listen to any fucking social problems. Dick jokes are allowed.

Mad Cabbie.


lugosi said...

Dick jokes allowed? Okay....

Q--How many Dick Cheneys does it take to change a lot bulb?

A--None. They just shoot the old one.

Hey, you never said anything about the dick jokes having to be good.

MJ06 said...

I like your italisized writing what people are thinking.