Sunday, May 20, 2012


For some of you retards who is on budget, I found this cab fare calculator application the most accurate for your cab ride. The site did not update our ex mayor Comrade Fenty's $19 maximum fare with in the District of Columbia bull-shit yet, but it does the calculation almost accurately.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


The editorial board of The Diary of Mad DC Cabbie is endorsing candidate Tim Day who is running for ward 5 special election to fill the seat of the disgraced and convicted ex councilman Harry Thomas Jr.

I have met Tim few times around the Washington volunteer circles, he is a good guy and he is the main reason why Harry Thomas Jr is prison bound now. He didn't let the theft story die by questioning and investigating the illegal activities of Harry Thomas Jr's non-profit organization. He deserves the chance to represent Ward 5, If I lived in that section of the city I would vote for him, even though I have never voted for a republican in my life.  We need more republicans like him who aren't right-wing whack jobs if we desire a functioning multiparty democracy in America.

If you are fan of this blog and live in ward 5, please support Tim Day. Check out his website to see for yourself on what he is up to and let me give a glimpse on what he stands for.

"....I’d argue that the residents of DC functions for the government. Our low test scores equates to more Federal grants for the DC government. Our City’s high unemployment rates, income gaps, and welfare mean more Federal dollars for the DC government. Keeping residents poor and uneducated is DC’s business model to raise revenue and it is a bad business model.
As an accountant who has help many businesses and non-profits for decades to grow to the point of employing many, you can trust that my business plan for DC and Ward 5 will grow the economy and increase employment, while supporting our most vulnerable residents and small businesses.
As a member of Council I would immediately designate a dedicated Ward 5 representative to the DCRA. This representative would act as a direct liaison between Ward 5 residents and the DCRA.  This individual would train and assist residents with starting their own business and walk them through all DCRA requirements.  Additionally, I would implement a small business training program for residents to create their business from concept to implementation.  While assisting business entrepreneurs with the current requirements, I would be working to streamline the current process by reducing requirements and fees for small business start-ups..."

How could you disagree with that?

Please don't forget the homeless, Tim Day didn't.

Mad Cabbie.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Inmate No. 31866-016 Harry Thomas Jr  please stand up! Yes you, both hands up beeyach!!!

"Mad Cabbie, why beat up a nigger while he is down man? Listen Harry, don't worry about Mad cabbie, he is just a big loud mouth. I will be your BFF, I will have my hairy chest ready for you to cry on. I will hold you and squeeze your nice round buttocks with my big hands to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Don't worry, no nigger is going to fuck with you, I got your back and a little below.

Your future cell-mate,

Leroy "The Big Shaft" Jackson.
Inmate No. 69696-969" 

This is getting out of hand folks, who let this convicted felon from jail write on my blog? I'm going to have to check with the blogspot people.

I know that councilman Harry Thomas Jr almost put independent DC cabdrivers like myself out of business by introducing a phony bill that favored big companies that would allow him to do back-door deals. But at the same time I feel bad for his family, unfortunately karma is a bitch Harry, you should have thought about the aftermath of your greedily theft of $300,000 from the kids you supposed to help.

".....and tell Harry to bring lots of K-Y Jelly, I heard they are on sale at......"

Let me end this post man, this guy is butting in and annoying me.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.

Monday, May 07, 2012


Robert Samuels of the Washington Post wrote a great article on what some late night passengers at Union Station have to go through just to get a ride home. Mr. Samuels did his home work and wrote a well articulated piece about the problem, unlike his colleague Petula "all you can eat" Dvorak's poor yapping.

I drive at night and from time to time I work at Union Station when it is busy. What I witness at the station when ever there is a big line is really embarrassing, drivers speeding off when they learn the first person in line is a black guy, refusing to drive a passenger to a place they don't like, cherry picking their pickups and so on and so on. I have been a night driver for years and this problem is nothing new, but one should ask why do these problems happen mostly at night? Two things: 1- Half of the cab fleet during the night are illegal drivers, which means they are not licensed to drive a cab in the District of Columbia. They have nothing to protect if they get caught breaking the law, they get a $250 ticket and they wipe their asses with it and come back to hustle the next night. There should be a much stiffer punishment, like hard labor in Siberia or something! 2- The so called hack-inspectors are fighting the wrong war, instead of really investigating if the presented hack license is legitimate when a cab driver is pulled over, they check if a manifest is filled up, if our socks match, if we are wearing our seat belts and some other bull-shit laws that really don't help and protect the riding public.

The fix of this particular dilemma is simple, have couple of hack-inspectors at the taxi-line, problem solved! Don't tell me that the District of Columbia don't have a few thousand dollars to pay couple of guys to be on duty at the station when ever it is busy. But at the same time hack-inspectors need some more training to do, they need to understand that we the drivers are not the enemy but unfortunately that's how they look at us. Instead of being a team and work on addressing all the issues we encounter, we're playing the cat and mouse game.

For those ass-hole cherry-picking fellow cabbies who are throwing their passengers under the bus when they are in need, I got a message for you, fuck you all. Cab drivers, we are in the business of picking up strangers and drive them where ever shit hole they want to go. When you are in the business of picking strangers at night there is always that chance of dangerous encounter, we knew that when we decided to choose this pathetic career path. Get with program guys, like they say, if it is too hot, get the fuck out of the kitchen......

"Excuse me Mad, you're trying to be a hero you retard! Some thug is going to smoke your ass one of these days if you keep picking up every creep you see on the streets!"

Big deal, I have bunch of under-pants with skid marks that I kept as souvenirs each time I was robbed! Stop worrying man, just live every day as if it's your last day.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.