Tuesday, February 27, 2007


For some of you dumb asses out there who think every DC cab driver is out to get you, I would like to share this email I received from Natalie:

"Natalie ******" <********@hotmail.com>

There are nice people out there
Monday, February 26, 2007 12:29:12 PM

I want to share a great act of kindness from one of your fellow taxi

This past Saturday I was shopping with a friend in Georgetown when we hailed
down a cab to take us to Frontpage in Dupont. At Frontpage, as I reached for
my ID to order a drink, I realized my wallet was missing. I had it seconds
before I entered the cab so I assumed the only place it could be (after
checking the curb outside the restaurant) was in the cab I road. Panic
struck as I had no idea the cab number I had road in, let alone even what
company it was. I immediately thought okay, time to cancel my credit cards
but thought I'd give it a chance and call some cab companies to see if
anyone turned it in.

I really only know of two cab companies in DC off the top of my head, so
this was not going to be easy. I called Diamond first. The lady who answered
the phone thought I was nuts and gave me a nice lecture on how unsafe it is
to not know what kind of cab you get into. She said to call back in 15
minutes. I called two other companies I looked up on Yahoo yellow pages in
the mean time, both laughed at me and basically said f-you. Just when I
thought it was gone forever, I called Diamond back and sure enough they had

I was put in contact with the driver and he came to my apartment to drop it
off. He said he even looked for me at Frontpage when he noticed it was left

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to this nice man for going the
extra mile to return my wallet. Such a deed should not go unnoticed. In a
world were everyone is only looking out for themselves, this is quite a
shocker. He really made me believe once again that there are nice people out

I will definitely "pay it forward" and keep this gentleman's good nature

Unfortunately, I am not sure of his name or cab number (I know, how could I
not look the second time). If you hear anything about this story or this
man, please give him my thanks again!


I thank Natalie for sharing this story with us and most DC cab drivers are responsible good people with the exception of Pastor Joe of course.

Please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


There is this chic who lives in the Mount Pleasant section of Washington, very bright, busy and attractive. She moved to Washington as a part of staff for a newly elected congressman from the Midwest few years ago and works in Capitol Hill. She usually calls our cab company around 1:am and goes to a well known bar in Georgetown. The word on the street is that there is some dude who hangs out at the bar and around the rest rooms at this bar/club she visits and supply his coke, crack and weed to his customers. She usually goes in and come out quick and make the cab wait for her to take her back home.

Most of the cabbies know that she is hooked on that shit and lately she is going down to that bar more frequently than before. I think she is trying and working beyond hard to advance her career and reputation in Capitol Hill, she is involved in too many projects than she can possibly handle, the help of narcotics is catching up with here and I can see that she is falling apart but unfortunately she doesn't know it yet and maybe she thinks she is ahead of the game. I can tell you as a person who is around homeless people all the time for many years, life stories I hear from most homeless people are pretty much alike, they start out as well functioning citizens in their own rights until their ill faithed encounter with drugs and become a victim when it runs it's course and takes over their lives to the point of no return.

And she reminds me of something that I read somewhere...

"When a man comes to Washington...It's because he wants something. And I know that as a rule he's not going to get it; that he will stay and try for another and won't get that; the same luck with the next and next, and keeps on till he strikes bottom, and is too poor and ashamed to go back... and at last his heart breaks and they take up a collection and burry him"

By Mark Twain from Colonel Sellers.

Please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie

Monday, February 19, 2007


If you live in the Washington DC area your ass is probably frozen by now. God! it's bitter cold out there and the cab business is booming, I have been working the last four nights or so and it's pretty much no competition at all, all the day cabbies go home early and when I come out to work all night, it's like being licensed to print money. Last night I drove about ten hours non stop and there were calls after calls! Can someone give me a massage please? my back is hurting.

One of my regular riders (an airline Captain) whom I didn't hear from in a few months called me last night to be picked up from the Grand Hyatt on H street. I like this dude, we always have great conversations. He is from the west coast and flies for one of the major airlines. He is a single guy in his late forties or early fifties, he kind of looks like Richard Greer with the gray hair, tall and in a very good shape.

When ever he is in town he slips away from the rest of the crew where they stay in a hotel in Crystal City and sneaks in to Washington and hangs with this married Jewish lawyer from Bethesda. They have been seeing each other for the last two years or so and he always talk about her and tells me what a piece of ass she is but I have never seen her before until last night for the first time and he ain't lying, what a gorgeous woman!

He wanted me to drop him off at his hotel in Crystal City first and drive her to the Bethesda metro station where her car was parked. While on the way to his hotel they were making out, giggling and laughing in the back seat like teenagers and I thought to myself "How does a married woman manage to stay out late and hang out with a middle age hunk in a city where she can be noticed by people her and her husband may know?" I guess late night client or associate meeting could be an excuse maybe?

When we got to Crystal City he told me to make sure to drive her back safe and paid me $60 for the whole trip which was very generous and we said good bye. During the twenty minutes trip to Bethesda she didn't say much besides telling me she likes the music I was listening to (XM channel 84) and I didn't want to bother her by yapping my mouth to her because I kind of understood the guilt trip she was going through in her mind and on top of that she was exhausted and knocked out, I guess the captain used all kind of tricks!

I know spousal cheating is nothing new and men cheat all the time, I don't care how many times a day that your hubby go down on you, how many flowers and chocolates, how many love letters, if your man gets the chance and thinks he can get away with it, he will bang that new pussy in heart beat! trust me on this one. But through my cab driving experience I noticed more and more women are cheating on their husbands, I guess it's payback time. But all I know is there is some poor dude out there in Bethesda while helping out the kids with the home work, his wife was getting nailed by Captain Kirk.

Please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am sorry that I have been quite for weeks and to make the long story short, I had to deal with a bunch of personal and family shit and it was hard for me to take some time and mess around with this blog I enjoy to write and on top of that I haven't been driving my cab at all but I do apologize for the disappearing act.

I would like to thank the no good lazy ass pastor Joe for keeping this blog current while I was not able to, what a looser! Maybe I should write about your couple of hours in a DC jail couple of weeks ago and how I bailed your ass out Pastor? You fucken felon!

The strangest day was last month when I saw two bloggers that are linked to mine on the same day in DC. First was Xtreme English who is Peggy's mom, I saw her around 28th and Q street crossing the road at a stop sign right in front of me. She was wearing red pants walking with both of her hands in the front pockets and taking her time crossing the streets like those angry brothaz, I honked but she didn't respond because I wasn't driving my Diamond cab and couldn't get her attention, I would have got out of my car and introduced myself but I was in a rush with my old man. Hey peggy's mom! you look much younger in person and you dress nice.

My second encounter with a blogger was the same afternoon on Connecticut Avenue with Ms Red, she was driving her G6 next to me. I didn't know it was her at first because I was paying more attention to those boobs of hers, I drive a SUV so I had a good birds eye view from top, they were noticeable even though she was dressed up. So I honked when I learned that was the lovely Ms Red but she turned and looked at me for a second and sped off 90mph. Red, don't be a pussy next time a brotha with a cool dark shades and a rasta hat honks at you! he is a harmless cabbie who have never been in jail in his life unlike Pastor Joe.

I will be back to work tonight if this stupid ass weather cooperates.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.