Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am sorry that I have been quite for weeks and to make the long story short, I had to deal with a bunch of personal and family shit and it was hard for me to take some time and mess around with this blog I enjoy to write and on top of that I haven't been driving my cab at all but I do apologize for the disappearing act.

I would like to thank the no good lazy ass pastor Joe for keeping this blog current while I was not able to, what a looser! Maybe I should write about your couple of hours in a DC jail couple of weeks ago and how I bailed your ass out Pastor? You fucken felon!

The strangest day was last month when I saw two bloggers that are linked to mine on the same day in DC. First was Xtreme English who is Peggy's mom, I saw her around 28th and Q street crossing the road at a stop sign right in front of me. She was wearing red pants walking with both of her hands in the front pockets and taking her time crossing the streets like those angry brothaz, I honked but she didn't respond because I wasn't driving my Diamond cab and couldn't get her attention, I would have got out of my car and introduced myself but I was in a rush with my old man. Hey peggy's mom! you look much younger in person and you dress nice.

My second encounter with a blogger was the same afternoon on Connecticut Avenue with Ms Red, she was driving her G6 next to me. I didn't know it was her at first because I was paying more attention to those boobs of hers, I drive a SUV so I had a good birds eye view from top, they were noticeable even though she was dressed up. So I honked when I learned that was the lovely Ms Red but she turned and looked at me for a second and sped off 90mph. Red, don't be a pussy next time a brotha with a cool dark shades and a rasta hat honks at you! he is a harmless cabbie who have never been in jail in his life unlike Pastor Joe.

I will be back to work tonight if this stupid ass weather cooperates.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Peggy said...

Dear darling Mad,

My mom didn't respond because she's deaf! Honking isn't going to do it. She does have attitude though - and has passed it on to her daughters. We're a feisty lot. She'll be annoyed when she reads this and finds that she missed you.

She does dress nicely too. I'm glad because I get a crack at the cast offs!

I'm so glad you're back. I've been checking every day and was JUST about to write to you and double check that you're okay.

Red said...

That is too funny! I think I would have recognized you if I saw you.
Then again everyone is always honking in DC and it's hard to tell where it's coming from.
Glad to hear your back I was getting worried.
Be safe.

Jamy said...

Don't stay away so long next time! I miss you.

liz said...

It's about time Mad, I thought you bailed out on us like "New York Hack" I hope everything is okay with you!


june in florida said...

Glad your back Mad, tell Pastor to get on and fess up.

Xtreme English said...

Mad, sweetheart!
I don't have any red pants!!! (I don't think, anyway. I have some plaid ones with a little red stripe in em.) I do walk with my hands in my pockets, and I don't respond to honking, etc., but if I also wasn't talking to myself, you can be sure it wasn't me. But now I know you hang around in my nabe, and I'll be sure to look up when I cross the streets just in case you're there, too. Gee...that's exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

sooooo glad you're back. you leave a big hole in the DC universe when you're not online....

peggy's mom

Mad Cabbie said...

I forgot about that Peggy, don't forget that I am retard...Your Mom walks with full of confidence and she is in a very good shape...Thank you for checking in and I will make sure that I won't disappear like this and hope you are doing well up there, unfortunately for us BUSH is still in office!

That's what I thought RED, you didn't recognize me otherwise you would have gave me a hug right? Good to hear from you Red and let's go easy on that gas pedal shall we?

Jamy, I will try not to and I miss you as well...and I hope I will run in to you one of these days and please don't clock your bike 90mph like Ms RED did when I honk at you!

Liz, everything is ok! Thanks... and thank you for that nice thoughtful email.

Hi June, and you are right, Pastor better fess up and I will give him about a week to do so or else I will be glad to do it myself. How is life treating you June? I am pretty sure everything is AOK!

Peggy's Mom, You know I am 100% sure that it was you, maybe I got the color of the pants mixed are my kind of chic, you walk with an attitude...even my old man turned around and checked you out, that horny bastard!(I am kidding dad! of course you are a one classy gentleman) I am glad that I am back to the blog world and chat with you as well Peggy's mom.

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Hey Mad! ::bear hug::
Glad you are back, my friend.

Xtreme English said...

i do have two red JACKETS!! maybe you just got my wardrobe confused. well, i'd be soooo happy to run into you. i keep hoping!!

Anonymous said...

love the site!

Quick question about taxi fares:
If two passengers are picked up together (at location A) (and are clearly part of the same party) and one is dropped off first (at location B), but the last to leave pays (after being dropped at location C), how should they be charged? (assume B and C are in the same zone)

1. As two separate charges, i.e., a charge for one person from A to B, plus a charge for one person as A to C.


2. As one charge for A to C, plus $1.50 additional person charge and $1.50 stop charge.

Thank you so much in advance for helping me out with this - need to settle a bet.

june in florida said...

I will be in Washington for Obamas or Clintons inaugeration and will look you up and we will partay.Luv ya Mad.

Mad Cabbie said...

Eryn, bear hug back to you babe! and I checked those pictures you took in DC! they are pretty good and guess what? I got myself a digital camera finally, and I will be posting the pics I will be taking, like pastor Joe on his way out from jail and stuff!

Hi Anonymous, Unfortunately #1 is the correct answer! It doesn't seem fair but DC law says if passengers are dropped off at different destinations it is considered two separate fares even if you are dropped off a block a part. This is to protect drivers from passengers who would abuse and take advantage of the zone system by making stops all over the place with in the same zone for just $1.50! That's why I tell my passengers in advance what the fare would be if they have different stops because it could be very expensive for a very short ride! I hope I answered your question!

Mad Cabbie said...

Of course June, you will teach me how to party Florida style!

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Jail... one part of DC that I did not tour. :) I look forward to the pictures and thank you for the compliment.

Claire said...

Welcome back, Mad Cabbie, we missed you! You're just in time for Valentine's and Presidents' Day. Sending warm wishes your way!

MJ06 said...

Hey I havent cheecked in for a while but will start comming around again now that I know your back.

Twoste said...

What did Joe go to jail for?

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks Claire, How was Valentine's day for you? I hope you got some action! Romantic action I might say.

Mj, good to hear from you. By the way, does that mean that you are starving since the golf courses are covered with ice MJ?

Twoste, that's a story for another day! My legal team are studying it, whether I can write about it or not so stay tuned!

Lugosi said...

Channel 84!?!?! Most of my passengers would freak out if subjected to that. When I have people in the cab, I prefer to stick with either classical (113) or The Blend (25). IF I'm feeling bold I might put on channel 50 (acoustic rock).

DC Cab Rider said...

Nice to have you back MC, sorry for your traumas. Hopefully we can both post more often again. I miss hearing from you!