Thursday, October 07, 2010


A drunk driver killed a 24 year old woman not to far from my hood last night! Are these drunk idiots going to get it? What's wrong with this picture here? From DuPont where the deadly accident happened to Chevy Chase where that hit and run drunk driver Jorida Davidson lives, the cab fare is less than $12! TWELVE FREAKING' DOLLARS MAN!!!

Few years back I picked up a group of four girls who wanted to go to a high rise apartment off Porter street in Cleveland Park. They were all shit faced talking shit, they were talking about funny stuffs like some old Arab men trying to pick them up at the club. When we got to their place one of the girls insisted that she was okay to drive her parked car at that location to continue her trip in to Bethesda. Her friends were pissed off that she changed here mind all of a sudden to drive home, and begged her to spend the night over and over again. She was in no shape to drive and I even offered her a ride for just $10 to downtown Bethesda but insisted that she only had a couple of drinks and can drive herself home. Finally I warned her that I would call the cops if she sits behind the wheel of her car, but she told me to go fuck myself or something of that nature and zigzagged to her car off Porter street.

She headed north on Connecticut avenue driving her green Volkswagen Gulf with Pennsylvania tags and I followed her to Brandywine street until I was stopped at a red light and I lost her for a while. When I got to Connecticut avenue and Military road, there she was pulled over by couple of DC police cruisers. I wonder who tipped them off? Damn, those cops are real good man!

In 1987 I lost a real good friend who was killed by a drunk driver just couple days after our college graduation. I really take this DUI shit very seriously man, when I drive at night I am more worried that I get run over by a drunk scumbag than being robbed or shot by a thug. If you go out to party that involves drinking and don't have cash for the cab fare, that means you can't afford to go out at all, so sit your sorry broke ass at home please.

Friends don't let friends drive drunk, even if it means that you have to call the cops. For the family of Kiela M Ryan, I am real sorry for your loss and I hope that bitch Jorida Davidson will pay for this for the rest of her pathetic life.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.

Monday, October 04, 2010


I tell you, the cougar movement is out in full force. I have been picking up a lot of older women with their much younger boy-toy lately. The other night this dude flagged me down in front of Nora's Restaurant at Florida avenue and R street. He was about maybe in his mid to late twenties, tall and physically in a very good shape. He kissed his forty something girlfriend good bye and said "Take care of my lady and get her home safe please!" She got in my cab and he walked south on Florida avenue.

She wanted to go to her Bethesda home and was in a hurry to get there before 10pm so her baby-sitter won't miss her bus. When she mentioned that she would tip me well I got her home quick, I think I run over two cyclist on the way. The single mother of twin 11 year old girls was very attractive, dark hair, tall, the body still holding well and incredibly great looking set of legs.

With in that twenty minute ride I learned from my MILF passenger that:

Men over forty are boring and lazy in bed, only interested in a blow jobs.
Older women can reverse the process of aging by fucking young studs.
Young men treat older women much better than girls their own age.
Older women should never, never get married to their boy-toy!
I am the coolest cab driver she ever met.

I must say that she paid me well!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.