Thursday, October 07, 2010


A drunk driver killed a 24 year old woman not to far from my hood last night! Are these drunk idiots going to get it? What's wrong with this picture here? From DuPont where the deadly accident happened to Chevy Chase where that hit and run drunk driver Jorida Davidson lives, the cab fare is less than $12! TWELVE FREAKING' DOLLARS MAN!!!

Few years back I picked up a group of four girls who wanted to go to a high rise apartment off Porter street in Cleveland Park. They were all shit faced talking shit, they were talking about funny stuffs like some old Arab men trying to pick them up at the club. When we got to their place one of the girls insisted that she was okay to drive her parked car at that location to continue her trip in to Bethesda. Her friends were pissed off that she changed here mind all of a sudden to drive home, and begged her to spend the night over and over again. She was in no shape to drive and I even offered her a ride for just $10 to downtown Bethesda but insisted that she only had a couple of drinks and can drive herself home. Finally I warned her that I would call the cops if she sits behind the wheel of her car, but she told me to go fuck myself or something of that nature and zigzagged to her car off Porter street.

She headed north on Connecticut avenue driving her green Volkswagen Gulf with Pennsylvania tags and I followed her to Brandywine street until I was stopped at a red light and I lost her for a while. When I got to Connecticut avenue and Military road, there she was pulled over by couple of DC police cruisers. I wonder who tipped them off? Damn, those cops are real good man!

In 1987 I lost a real good friend who was killed by a drunk driver just couple days after our college graduation. I really take this DUI shit very seriously man, when I drive at night I am more worried that I get run over by a drunk scumbag than being robbed or shot by a thug. If you go out to party that involves drinking and don't have cash for the cab fare, that means you can't afford to go out at all, so sit your sorry broke ass at home please.

Friends don't let friends drive drunk, even if it means that you have to call the cops. For the family of Kiela M Ryan, I am real sorry for your loss and I hope that bitch Jorida Davidson will pay for this for the rest of her pathetic life.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Mad Cabbie, That's not snitching, that's being a good citizen.

It's a very sad story what happened in DuPont!



roy said...

I don't think I could ever forgive myself if I hit someone while sober ..... ever mind drunk
I like the new look by the way

John said...

Some people just don't understand this drunk driving thing at all.
Now we have drugs driving as well.

You could add to that all the drivers who are just mad as well.

Good to have you pair back. I will put your link back up.
Lazarus has risen from the dead

Anonymous said...

Mad Cabbie,

Thank you for being a responsible citizen!!

I wanted to see if you had any suggestions about how to retrieve a lost phone in a taxi. I lost it tonight and I'm trying to get creative to reach out to cabbies in DC. But seeing as there are over 150 companies, it is hard to reach each one.

I would definitely appreciate any help.

Thank you!

Mad Cabbie said...

Sorry about your phone E, I am afraid you are out of luck if you don't know which cab company you used for the ride. Besides all that 90% of the time the cabbie doesn't know that you left some stuff in the back seat, usually the next passenger walks off with anything of value that had been left by other passengers.

Call the DC taxicab commission's lost and found if any of the drivers returned your phone. You have a better chance of winning the Power Ball Lotto this week end but it's worth of trying!

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...
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F.B. Cabby said...

way to go Mad!! I don't hesitate to drop a dime on anyone who drinks and drives. Having lost my 16 year old daughter to a drunk driver I know first hand the kind of sorrow it can cause.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mad,

Are you disappearing on us again? I hope all is fine.

Sending you my well wishes,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mad Cabbie,
I went to Georgetown with Jorida and during the time I got to know her, I learned she sometimes lies and can betray people. This said, she is an intelligent woman, and I cannot believe she did this. If it's true, I hope DC makes an example of her and sentences her to the max 30 year long prison sentence. BTW, the other day the police caught her (thanks to the GPS system she is wearing) driving to the AIRPORT. Surely she was trying to escape the USA and go back to Albania or escape to Europe in order not to go to jail!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mad,

any update on jorida davidson trial?

Anonymous said...

Any updates? Wasn't this supposed to go to trial in January?