Thursday, December 09, 2010


I bumped in to the governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell at a McDonald's parking lot on Wisconsin avenue and Vanness street couple of nights ago. When I first looked at him I thought he was this old dude I knew who owed me money and I was about to say "Where is my money bitch?!". It's a good thing I didn't  because his bodyguard, a tall, fat white dude most likely packing heat was right behind him.

I started to think, "What the fuck is a governor from Pennsylvania doing in Washington DC, rushing through a fast food joint ten o'clock at night? Don't they have McDonald's in Harrisburg Pennsylvania? " His bodyguard stayed by the door while the governor hustled his way in to use the ladies room. YES the ladies room! The governor didn't have time to look at the sign, he needed to go I guess.

While I was walking towards my cab, I tried to look and see what was going on inside his limo but it was too dark with tinted windows, so I couldn't make out  if there was a hot hooker or something. When the driver gave me a "What the fuck you looking at you jackass!" look,  I had to take off and run.

I wonder if the governor was desperate to take a dump that night ?  His picture that I posted above looks like he is ready to drop one!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.