Monday, March 19, 2007


DC Taxicab commission oversees any vehicle for hire which operates in Washington, DC and handles all the complaints. There are I think five overpaid commissioners who do nothing but have meetings just to decide on when to have the next meeting. The last final ruling they made was July of last year, at least that was the final ruling they have posted on their website.

The commissioner pulls in about $100K a year and his deputies not too far behind him and not an ounce of guilt on stealing the check from the city.

"Mad, are you crazy? Now that they know who you are, good luck on renewing your Taxi ID this year! How dare you criticize them openly like this? They will probably take you to their basement and rough you up a little bit!"

They can kiss my ass! If they try to intimidate me or pull some shit, I can defend myself, they better understand that I used to watch a lot of Court TV and I am very knowledgeable about my legal rights.

So Mr commissioner, now that congress and the President gave you the green light to make your decision to change the DC zone system in to meters or not, how about looking at that GWU taxi meter study results you had months ago and pass on your recommendation to the city? so that old fossil Carol Schwartz can sit on it for another year or so!

Please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Sorry again for the slow update for anyone out there who cared to check this blog from time to time. Lately cab driving is not as fun as used to be anymore, two of my dearest friends walked away from hacking to do something else and that sucks! My mentor Pastor Joe and the coolest Pakistani cabbie of all times Ali two fingers called it quits few weeks ago.

I am happy that both of them came to a point in going forward toward their dreams of owning their own businesses which I will talk about in the future but for the first time ever that It felt like I am going to work when ever I back out my driveway to start my shift. All these years I always looked forward to go to work every night because it was fun mainly because of these guys, the times we meet up at DC Cafe at three in the morning and bull shit I am really going to miss. The only upside to this is I took over all of Pastor Joe's shady clients and add those to my dysfunctional regular riders list, I am making shit load of money, I don't even have time for regular street work. If you are out there trying to flag Mad Cabbie at night, unless you flash your boobs or something the chances are I got some transvestite hooker in the back seat who is in a hurry to be dropped off at one of your senator's residence and I can't jeopardize our national security by pulling over for you.

I always think about quiting this shit myself because I really don't want to be an old gray haired cab driver that some of you jack asses are going to make fun of in the future. Right now I am in control of things in side my cab, Not even you K street big shots or some bad ass nigger in the ghetto intimidate me because I think I can take care of myself and I don't give a rats ass of who you are. But when you get old, things change and people start taking advantage of you and I don't want to put myself in that situation so I think my own shelf life as a cab driver is coming to an end pretty soon.

"So what the fuck you're going to do Mad? NASA is looking for few good rocket scientist! and with your impressive resume as a career cab driver they might be interested in your fume soaked brain you retard!"

Thanks for putting me down you jackass! and for your own information I can work for the DC government pulling $100K/year for scratching my balls and doing nothing and I don't have to speak English either and if you don't believe me check out the DMV sometime soon.

And as always please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.