Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Sorry again for the slow update for anyone out there who cared to check this blog from time to time. Lately cab driving is not as fun as used to be anymore, two of my dearest friends walked away from hacking to do something else and that sucks! My mentor Pastor Joe and the coolest Pakistani cabbie of all times Ali two fingers called it quits few weeks ago.

I am happy that both of them came to a point in going forward toward their dreams of owning their own businesses which I will talk about in the future but for the first time ever that It felt like I am going to work when ever I back out my driveway to start my shift. All these years I always looked forward to go to work every night because it was fun mainly because of these guys, the times we meet up at DC Cafe at three in the morning and bull shit I am really going to miss. The only upside to this is I took over all of Pastor Joe's shady clients and add those to my dysfunctional regular riders list, I am making shit load of money, I don't even have time for regular street work. If you are out there trying to flag Mad Cabbie at night, unless you flash your boobs or something the chances are I got some transvestite hooker in the back seat who is in a hurry to be dropped off at one of your senator's residence and I can't jeopardize our national security by pulling over for you.

I always think about quiting this shit myself because I really don't want to be an old gray haired cab driver that some of you jack asses are going to make fun of in the future. Right now I am in control of things in side my cab, Not even you K street big shots or some bad ass nigger in the ghetto intimidate me because I think I can take care of myself and I don't give a rats ass of who you are. But when you get old, things change and people start taking advantage of you and I don't want to put myself in that situation so I think my own shelf life as a cab driver is coming to an end pretty soon.

"So what the fuck you're going to do Mad? NASA is looking for few good rocket scientist! and with your impressive resume as a career cab driver they might be interested in your fume soaked brain you retard!"

Thanks for putting me down you jackass! and for your own information I can work for the DC government pulling $100K/year for scratching my balls and doing nothing and I don't have to speak English either and if you don't believe me check out the DMV sometime soon.

And as always please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


june in florida said...

As usual i missed you.Follow your own financial advice, also be careful.Go by your gut if it dont feel right pass it up, i am referring to cabbing but it could apply to most things.Get the money and quit.Give Pastor and Ali my best wishes. Luv ya and be safe.

DC Cab Rider said...

You find the things that bring you joy or things you can hold onto until the fun comes back into your life.

And it will. You think those 2 cabbies are the only other insane ones out there who like talking bs at 3 am? ;)

Red said...

You have to do what you need to do to be happy. If anyone knows how to make that happen I believe it's you.

You have a bunch of us behind you supporting you for whatever steps you take.

Peggy said...

You'll be fine - Your friends are still there but they have stepped aside so that new people can come into your life. Be patient and see what's coming around the bend. Life is a journey. You know that, you're a cabbie!

I'm just glad you're back and in one piece.

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks June, as usual you always look out for me and don't you worry about me I will be ok...

You are right DCCR, I have to move on and I will but it's very difficult when a routine you have been doing for so many years comes to a complete stop all of a sudden. So are you throwing any wild parties this summer at your new crib DCCR?

Thanks Red, I know you will be there for me...I know I have a chest, sorry I mean a shoulder to cry on...By the way I am proud of what you have being doing lately and keep it up and I know you will kick ass!!!

You are right Peggy, but a creature like Pastor Joe doesn't come by so easily...I will be fine, I think I am just showing the selfish side of me!

Anonymous said...

Hey mad good to see your back I know some people make every thing fun and when there not around stuff is not as fun any more.


John said...

Its not all fun and sunshine driving a cab,But I wish you all Irish and even the others of you who are only 1/00000000000th Irish. Happy St Patrick's day.
Shit this job is really work.
I mean it folks. If you want fame and glamor be an actor. at least you will be able to get a table at a cafe not spat at.In either case you will have a problem paying for the meal.

kilgorsky said...

Mad, I know how dofficult is to part with good buddies. Aren't there any other cool peple working nights who might be potential firends?

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Mad, maybe you should give the other coast and all that it entails a try.
No matter what you do, you'll do it with panache I'm sure.

Mad Cabbie said...

You know exactly what I am talking about MJ...On the other hand knowing that they moved on to do other better things, I feel better.

John I hope you had a great GREEN day, and hopefully no one threw up in your cab!

Hey Kil, I know bunch of other guys and it's not that I am going to be lonely and I am talking to Pastor everyday but not to have a guy like him who taught me every shit I know on the ground is depressing.

Thanks Eryn, you are so sweet but I will stick around here and see what will fall and hit me upside the head!

Crabbie said...

I feel you, man, but the great thing about this job is that something always comes alongs and surprises me and all of a sudden I'll be having a blast again.

That unexpectedness of it is what does the trick for me. Maybe you should ditch some of those sleazy Pastor Joe customers, and take more street work!

Twoste said...

Yeah, well, don't forget the little people.

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Roy said...


Ive used some of your blog on my forum, hope you don't mind, I credited you with it and linked back here