Tuesday, February 27, 2007


For some of you dumb asses out there who think every DC cab driver is out to get you, I would like to share this email I received from Natalie:

"Natalie ******" <********@hotmail.com>

There are nice people out there
Monday, February 26, 2007 12:29:12 PM

I want to share a great act of kindness from one of your fellow taxi

This past Saturday I was shopping with a friend in Georgetown when we hailed
down a cab to take us to Frontpage in Dupont. At Frontpage, as I reached for
my ID to order a drink, I realized my wallet was missing. I had it seconds
before I entered the cab so I assumed the only place it could be (after
checking the curb outside the restaurant) was in the cab I road. Panic
struck as I had no idea the cab number I had road in, let alone even what
company it was. I immediately thought okay, time to cancel my credit cards
but thought I'd give it a chance and call some cab companies to see if
anyone turned it in.

I really only know of two cab companies in DC off the top of my head, so
this was not going to be easy. I called Diamond first. The lady who answered
the phone thought I was nuts and gave me a nice lecture on how unsafe it is
to not know what kind of cab you get into. She said to call back in 15
minutes. I called two other companies I looked up on Yahoo yellow pages in
the mean time, both laughed at me and basically said f-you. Just when I
thought it was gone forever, I called Diamond back and sure enough they had

I was put in contact with the driver and he came to my apartment to drop it
off. He said he even looked for me at Frontpage when he noticed it was left

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to this nice man for going the
extra mile to return my wallet. Such a deed should not go unnoticed. In a
world were everyone is only looking out for themselves, this is quite a
shocker. He really made me believe once again that there are nice people out

I will definitely "pay it forward" and keep this gentleman's good nature

Unfortunately, I am not sure of his name or cab number (I know, how could I
not look the second time). If you hear anything about this story or this
man, please give him my thanks again!


I thank Natalie for sharing this story with us and most DC cab drivers are responsible good people with the exception of Pastor Joe of course.

Please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Mad Cabbie said...

Sorry the way the pasted email turned out on the blog, as you may know I am too retarded to correct it.

Anonymous said...

I think the American drivers like yourself are the descent ones!

Public Masturbation said...

Cab Drivers, American or not, are a mixed bag. Just as they are in any field of endeavour.

When I was working as a bartender I had a doubleshift one day. An American driver picked me and my girlfriend up after 16 hours of work and I was exhausted. So much so that I dropped my wallet in his car. That mistake cost me $300 and a whole day of work. He tossed my wallet in the trash behind a building, where a security guard from Haiti found it. That man looked up my address and mailed me back my wallet to save me the trouble of having to get a new ID card.

People are people. Some good, some bad.

Peggy said...

I'm so pleased that the gal got her wallet back. I lost my wallet in the back of a cab when I was 19. I never saw it again. Not everybody is lovely.

Xtreme English said...

Thanks for that post, Mad....I have dropped my wallet in a taxi MANY TIMES here in DC. Because I'm deaf, I don't hear it fall to the seat or the floor. And EVERY SINGLE TIME the sweet cabbie has DELIVERED my wallet back to me. My friend Cathy left her purse in a cab a couple of years ago at NIH, and she was panic-stricken. The taxi was from Virginia, and we didn't have a clue as to which company it was. I said "Come on...," and we went back to the door where we had entered. Sure enough, about a minute later, the taxi driver drove up with her purse. I can't say enough good about the DC taxi drivers. Every single one of the drivers that returned the wallets and the purse were different: DC natives, Pakistanis, Ethiopians. Doesn't matter. They're just great, and I love them. And that's why I always give them a very big tip.

Anonymous said...

And I left a cell phone in a cab for the airport...and my friends called the number, met the cabby, and 'treme english left ANOTHER big tip.

World is full of nice people, many of whom drive DC cabs.


Twoste said...

Sounds to me like Natalie could use some broader life experiences.
"Oh my, I left my wallet in the cab! Let the world stop as a I panic and figure out what to do! Oh, thank heavens, I got lucky. Cab drivers are the greatest!"
Try scrouging for food while working a deadline in Ramalla Natalie. Try. Go on. Let's see how you do.
Losing you wallet will seem like a distant memory at that point.
God, this town is full of idiots...

John said...

Look I know that I will allways try to reunite a wallet with its owner.
Even if that owner turns out to be a real dickhead.
If it was your money how would you feel?
Look out for the homeless

kilgorsky said...

Man, I love the post. It brings all the faith back. To this cabby (raising a glass of gin and tonic)!

Lugosi said...

Definitely wasn't me. Whenever I find something in the back of my cab, I auction it off on eBAy.

J-Funk said...

That was very inspiring!

DC Cab Rider said...

Years ago I dropped my wallet in the middle of a road. I figured it was long gone. But it was returned. And the person who picked it up & drove it another 2 miles or so to my house?

A cabbie.

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