Sunday, May 13, 2012


The editorial board of The Diary of Mad DC Cabbie is endorsing candidate Tim Day who is running for ward 5 special election to fill the seat of the disgraced and convicted ex councilman Harry Thomas Jr.

I have met Tim few times around the Washington volunteer circles, he is a good guy and he is the main reason why Harry Thomas Jr is prison bound now. He didn't let the theft story die by questioning and investigating the illegal activities of Harry Thomas Jr's non-profit organization. He deserves the chance to represent Ward 5, If I lived in that section of the city I would vote for him, even though I have never voted for a republican in my life.  We need more republicans like him who aren't right-wing whack jobs if we desire a functioning multiparty democracy in America.

If you are fan of this blog and live in ward 5, please support Tim Day. Check out his website to see for yourself on what he is up to and let me give a glimpse on what he stands for.

"....I’d argue that the residents of DC functions for the government. Our low test scores equates to more Federal grants for the DC government. Our City’s high unemployment rates, income gaps, and welfare mean more Federal dollars for the DC government. Keeping residents poor and uneducated is DC’s business model to raise revenue and it is a bad business model.
As an accountant who has help many businesses and non-profits for decades to grow to the point of employing many, you can trust that my business plan for DC and Ward 5 will grow the economy and increase employment, while supporting our most vulnerable residents and small businesses.
As a member of Council I would immediately designate a dedicated Ward 5 representative to the DCRA. This representative would act as a direct liaison between Ward 5 residents and the DCRA.  This individual would train and assist residents with starting their own business and walk them through all DCRA requirements.  Additionally, I would implement a small business training program for residents to create their business from concept to implementation.  While assisting business entrepreneurs with the current requirements, I would be working to streamline the current process by reducing requirements and fees for small business start-ups..."

How could you disagree with that?

Please don't forget the homeless, Tim Day didn't.

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, Mad Cabbie and I ACTUALLY agree on something.

OH My GOODNESS!!! It is that same guy on the telephone from the other day!, the guy who was trying to sell me tickets to a snowball fight in Hell. He is calling a-GAIN!

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Anonymous said...

I was between Tim and the other guy, now you made my decision much easier!

Love the blog Mad Cabbie, keep posting.

Anonymous said...

This guy stole money from a number of his "accounting" clients. His accounting business is now closed down. He never owned a home and the bank is taking his father's house away - that he is currently living in. We've been FOOLED!!!!!