Saturday, May 12, 2012


Inmate No. 31866-016 Harry Thomas Jr  please stand up! Yes you, both hands up beeyach!!!

"Mad Cabbie, why beat up a nigger while he is down man? Listen Harry, don't worry about Mad cabbie, he is just a big loud mouth. I will be your BFF, I will have my hairy chest ready for you to cry on. I will hold you and squeeze your nice round buttocks with my big hands to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Don't worry, no nigger is going to fuck with you, I got your back and a little below.

Your future cell-mate,

Leroy "The Big Shaft" Jackson.
Inmate No. 69696-969" 

This is getting out of hand folks, who let this convicted felon from jail write on my blog? I'm going to have to check with the blogspot people.

I know that councilman Harry Thomas Jr almost put independent DC cabdrivers like myself out of business by introducing a phony bill that favored big companies that would allow him to do back-door deals. But at the same time I feel bad for his family, unfortunately karma is a bitch Harry, you should have thought about the aftermath of your greedily theft of $300,000 from the kids you supposed to help.

".....and tell Harry to bring lots of K-Y Jelly, I heard they are on sale at......"

Let me end this post man, this guy is butting in and annoying me.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

This is Bubba, here. Harry gonna' be MY Sugar Britches. Anyone what don' agree should remember why I practice making baseball bats on the lathe in the Prison Wood Shop.

Actually, they are going to send him to some Club Fed or the part of Lewisburg where they keep the Mafiosi, which is like a Federal Ritz Carlton.

He SHOULD get packed off to the Other Side of Lewisburg or to Leavenworth. NOW, does anyone wonder why I voted against him FOUR times? I voted for someone else in the two Democratic Primaries in which he ran and in tow General Elections. He thought that the Ward Five Council seat was his by Divine Right since Daddy had held it, at one point.

I even voted for the Green Candidate in the 2006 General Election, Carolyn Steptoe. I am more afraid of the Greens than I am of the Democrats, but it was ANYone BUT Thomas, for me.

Well, it is off to the Bertie Backus for me on Tuesday. I voted for Day in the 2010 General
Election, mainly because he was the only one made of enough to call Thomas the thief that he is.
I am NO Republican, not by ANY stretch of the imagination, but Day is right when he says that he was the ONLY one who did not look the other way when Baby Harry was stealing from children.

What REALLY makes me angry is that he stole all that money and bought an AUDI, which is nothing more than a Volkswagen with a Mercedes-Benz price tag. If you are THAT dumb, you deserve to get caught. If you pay for a Mercedes-Benz, AT LEAST make sure that you get one. Do NOT accept a Volkswagen.

Anonymous said...


I will kick your ass bitch.