Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It was an uneventful busy night last night, but I saw some funny shit when I was driving home this morning. Around 7:30 I was at a red light on Connecticut avenue and east west highway, the car in front of me, a Latino male driving BMW 3 series and another car next to him, a black crown Victoria driven by a middle aged white woman were doing some yelling and finger pointing, I don't know what happened before that but the guy was pissed, he came out of his car and started screaming at her standing next to her side of the door. The next thing I know, the woman who was wearing a black suit stepped out of the car with a gun drawn pointing at the guys face, I saw a badge around her belt, I think she may be a secret service officer and Mario was shitting in his pants with both of his hands high up in the air. He just fucked with the wrong woman this morning!

Mad Cabbie.


Red said...

Hey! That was me!

kilgorsky said...

I wish I could see the guy's face, LOL.

wil said...

Loud mouthed male chauvinist pig meets lady cop with a .44 caliber Glock and PMS.

Wish you had some video.

jeepgirl said...

God that sounds fucking priceless. I have always wanted to pull my cops gun on a shitty driver. Sounds like she had the balls to do so AND back her shit up!!!

Anonymous said...

haha suck shit mario!!

MJ06 said...

Hey Mad Cabbie in your post Cut The Cheese what happened after you got robbed did you get your cash box back or what?

A Crown Victoria and your Chevrolet CapriceLt1 two sweet full sized sedans right next to each other.

Mad Cabbie said...

Red! was that you? That ass needs a little work! and when did you turn blond?

Kil, one of these days I am going to get a small digital cam so I snap money shot moments, I stll use my 50lbs cannon hard to carry around. I will get one before I go on vacation!

Wil, you ever pointed a gun at some guys face? If so, was there a time you laughed your ass off by the response of the subject?

Jeep Girl, happy honeymoon! I hope your hubby will put some hand cuffs on you at the honeymoon suite!

Mj, I was calm, I think I just handed him my cash and told him to have a nice night or something!

lugosi said...

The guy in the Beemer must have been a moron. I learned a long time to watch what I do when there are plain looking Crown Victorias around.... Especially when they have the standard issue big chrome coated plastic Ford wheelcovers.