Friday, July 14, 2006


Last night a couple of hot chicks (Brooke and Jennifer) flagged me down in Cleveland Park across the Uptown Theatre and wanted to go back to 16th and R street. Before we started moving they had a strange request, Because they had a little too much to drink they wanted me to move their VW which was parked on Connecticut Avenue to one of those neighborhood side streets so it won't get towed in the morning. "Can you please do it for us, we are a little fucked up to drive, and we will pay you extra $10!" Shit, who is she kidding? Cabbies will knock off your grandmother and destroy the evidence for extra easy ten bucks.

It was one of those small VW rabbit or something, it smelled nice, a typical chick car, I say about 99.9% of VW rabbits are driven by women. The car was a manual transmission, when I pressed on the clutch and started to shift, the stick looked like a fucking penis, I felt like I was jerking off some guys hard dick. Strange! man. Now I know why chicks like to drive this shit.

We walked back to my cab and told them what I felt about the stick, Brooke told me she felt the same way when she first got the car and Jennifer said to Brooke " Didn't you use to sit on it whenever you were horny, Brooke?". And they told me all kind of funny penis stories until we got 16th and R, that was hot man!

They said I was funny and paid me $30 and left, a total of $17.50 on top of the fare, that was easy money. I kept rolling down 16th street towards the White House with a hard dick of my own.

Mad Cabbie.


Red said...

Who ya callin a horny little devil?

kilgorsky said...

Looks like cabbies would make a lot less money if the government introduced prohibition again.