Friday, July 28, 2006


I spend a good amount of time online when I am not working. I do a lot of research, I pick and choose the news I want to read, you know crap like that.

"Yeah right Professor Mad, how is your research going on those porn sites?"

No don't listen to that freak, Its been at least 3 years since I have been to one of those porn sites. I have seen everything, what else is there to see? I will leave that to my friend Lugosi, he's in to that.

But for the last couple of weeks Mad Cabbie is in to something he wasn't in to at all in the past. "Talking to a chick online!". I always thought you really have to be a fucken loser to try to find a date online, no offense to anyone out there in the online dating wonderland, I am just being honest and my thoughts don't mean shit. People forgot that there used to be ordinary social communication before the world wide web started pimping. My Dad got his ass kicked by the neighborhood racist kids as a young soldier in Germany trying to date my mother, but that didn't stop him to keep trying and trying till he got what he wanted.

So I always thought that people are lazy and not trying hard enough to find their mates or real insecure about themselves that they have to hide their face behind the monitor to strike a conversation. I am no Romeo by all means but when I go out, I use a simple mathematical principle, the law of probability! You strike a cool conversation with twenty different chicks you go home with a couple of numbers or more.

"Where do you meet your chicks Mad? At a fucken crackhouse? No normal chick will give her number to your scary ass! fuck you and your math theory Mad Cabbie"

Don't worry about that guy he's just jealous of my technique. Having said all this, now I understand that the web is just another tool for meeting interesting people, How so? Because I stumbled in to this cool girl online and we started exchanging emails. We started to learn more about each other and you know what else? She is as funny as shit, to me funny girls are a real turn on, there is nothing like a girl who can put a smile on your face.

"Mad! You just received a couple emails, and now you're telling us you're in love? Its probably some fat dude in Montana scratching his balls and laughing his ass off by your responses!"

I am pretty sure its a chick and I do have an idea what she looks like (I told her I am tall dark and handsome:). My friend Sara, who is an expert in online flirting told me to keep the emails flowing don't jump in to something else, open yourself like a book and keep the suspense alive, I am open to any suggestion, anyone?

Mad Cabbie.


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Aaaaw. Cabbie, I had you pegged for a ruffkin. Who knew you were such a softie. Hee hee. ;) Good luck with the flirting.
My boyfriend (met in reality) and I are doing the long distance thing right now. One thing we do is send each other links to news stories or websites that we find interesting. It keeps the conversation fresh.
Good Luck!

btw- love your blog!

lugosi said...

Can you doublecheck your spelling on that website you mentioned? doesn't seem to work for some reason.

Mad Cabbie said...

Nurse: Mad Cabbie could be a pussy every now and then, good luck with your BF, long didtance could be tough, but you can make it work!

Try trippleG Lug, I was so excited to see Red Top #69 Monday morining @ 6:08 am at DCA but he was the Arlington RT, some dude who looks like a male porn star from the 70's.

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Thanks Cabbie. I'm sure we'll do fine. We've been through thick and thin already. This year and a half will be a walk in the park.
Say hello to my favorite city for me, will ya?

DC Cab Rider said...

Sarah's advice sounds pretty solid. Keep it fun and intriguing and don't rush it. Who knows what could develop.

lugosi said...

Oh, that was my twin brother.

kilgorsky said...

With Internet friendships I need a considerable amount of space. If I jump right in, talking to a person everyday, soon I become jaded.

Red said...

It's nice to see this side of you MC.
This area isn't my fortay, believe me this is where I've screwed up before, but your friend Sara is probably right on.

Mad Cabbie said...

DCCR, You are now the official mentor of Mad Cabbie. I think you are the right person to keep me in check.

You wear those serial killer glasses like him too Lug?

Kil, But if the person on the other end is funny and got a lot to say, it makes it interesting!

I bet you can teach me a thing or two Red? Where have you been? its always good to hear from you!

DC Cab Rider said...

Oh, I don't know about that MC, my mind might buckle under the responsibility!

Cassandra3383 said...

Hahaha! try charming up the ladies at webdate I'm pretty sure they would love a man with a sense of humor!

Tish said...

Good luck with your online gal! I met my boyfriend through my blog, but it was never with the intention of dating. He lives 4 hours away. We just became friends through reading each other's blogs, and it progressed from there. I hope things work out well for you. :)

partygirljessica said...

Well isn't online flirting exciting? A video chat at webdate*dot*com really gives me a natural high!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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