Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Next time you take a cab, please don't forget to take your belongings .
From all my years of cab driving, these are some of the garbage's that some of my thoughtful passengers leave in the back seat of my taxi cab and what I did with them.
Cell phones: to the garbage.
Wallets: mailed them back.
cigarettes: to the garbage.
Money: always ends up in my bookies account.
groceries: to the garbage. (no wonder America is getting fatter you should see the junk I throw away.)
Camera: to the garbage. ( come on, its made in Bangladesh.)
Pantyhose: to the garbage. ( to be honest with you it didn't smell that bad)
Bondage Video: available in my basement collections.
Watch: gave it to Ali -two fingers. ( Ali lost his fingers back in the days in Pakistan when he used to be a butcher, you should see this cat the way he handles his steering wheel. Next time you get into a cab in DC ,if you see a driver with two fingers and a cheap ass watch please tip generously.)
A Loaded Gun: I freaked out and drove to a police station, seeing my reaction the cops laughed their asses off. I hope that dumm ass who left it, was on his way to a gun fight. ooooooops!


MJ06 said...

Your Blog reminds me of mine (no comments posted on it either)

Hey is it a falasey that most cabbies carry guns?

Lugosi said...

People love leaving their umbrellas in the cab (I drive FAIRFAX (not Arlington) Red Top 69). If I get a passenger who tips well when it's raining and they DON'T already have an umbrella, I give them one.