Monday, March 27, 2006


Call me a dump ass or anything you want but I never knew that there are men who are into women's feet or have foot fetish. I tried to do a little research online and Holy Jesus there are gizillion sites catering for feet worshipers, God! I am so backward, I can understand checking out a some legs a little ass here and there but what the fuck is with sniffing feet and sucking toes.

Sunday nights, I love working those nights, less competition, less traffic, calm and easy and for some reason I make pretty good money, sometimes better than a Friday or a Saturday night whether you believe it or not. So this Sunday wasn't an ordinary Sunday at least for me it wasn't. Around mid night I was cruising up Wisconsin avenue near Glover Park (expensive Ghetto) two guys flagged me down out side Good Guys club, shady strip joint.

One of them called the night quits and wanted to go back to his hotel at the Marriott in Woodley Park, while in route they started arguing in Russian dropping a few English words every now and then, it sounded like the other guy wanted to party more but his friend didn't. So we dropped him off and while I was pulling away from the Marriott driveway my Russian passenger asked if he can sit in the front seat and he did.

With a heavy drunk Russian accent he said " Look zon't worry about za maaney, I have plenty of cash, I need woman! Pretty white woman tonight, if you want I will pay for you too and we will fuck zem at my hotel, just show me the place....Lets go! go! go!You are going to make a lot of money tonight." I have few offers passengers want to by me a drink but pussy! This will be the first one,I told him I am a germ freak, I am paranoid of shaking peoples hand and I politely declined and drove to around 15th and L streets, there are plenty of hookers around the Washington Post and some they have been in my cab so many times I know them by name.

To make the long story short, my Russian passenger was a very difficult person to please, we had about ten hookers in my cab before he picked the right girl.Poor girls, he made them take off their shoes and inspect their feet," hey cabbie you like zis feet?" always ask my opinion, but he was nice enough to give them $20 and let them go if he didn't like what he sees. Finally the right pair of feet came a long, a tall twenty something blond. He liked those toes so much he started sucking on them all away to the Woodley Park Marriott.

We pulled up to the Marriott driveway, they got out and he walked up to my side and said "I hope zis iz enough $40 for z fair and $100 for you and give me z card, next time I am in town I will call you!" not bad at all for 1 1/2 hours of work and besides that I have learned something about myself that night, I think I am a normal human being!


wil said...

I really enjoyed reading your site and have added it to my blogroll

Joann said...

As normal a human being as we can be in spite of being cabbies.

DC Cab Rider said...

$100 definately not enough money LOL

Lugosi said...

Don't tell anyone this, but I'm into feet myself.... Pig's feet, that is.