Friday, November 03, 2006


Thanks Pastor for the posting about our Saturday night party and you pretty much talked about most of the highlights of the night. The Halloween party at that house in Potomac was interesting. Hey Ghost! What the fuck is wrong with you man? walking around with grocery bag full of pot! I have never seen that many full house of high people in my life thanks to you, even I was high as a kite and I don't smoke that shit. The house was full with pot smoke and at one point the smoke detector alarm went off. Wild! Wild! Wild! and thanks to Barwood cab #403 for driving my drunk ass home at six in the morning and I promise I will write about the issue we have discussed.

I am sorry that after Tommy's death I haven't been posting lately but this tragedy made me rethink about a lot of things and I have been dealing with some personal issues including my long time on again off again relationship with Kim. It came to a point our potential union started to sound like a business negotiation, I kept my end of the bargain after we first started to talk about moving together, I even put my house for sell out in the market to move back in to the city to accommodate her professional needs but when things started to get complicated and sticky we called it off!

"Mad! Didn't I told you not to trust those Koreans?"

Shut up Pastor! This is not the time for I told you so, Kim is a great woman and I wish her all the best and we are in good terms, as a matter of fact she is coming to town for Thanksgiving to be with her parents (our parents are still neighbours) and I might get lucky too! right Kim?

I live a great simple life and I want to keep it that way. I come out to work drive a cab which I don't consider it "work" to be honest with you, I get paid to bullshit with hitch hikers! not a bad deal is it? some of them may wanna stab me! big deal but you should see some of Pastor Joe's old stab wounds courtesy of few of his thoughtful and desperate passengers and they are some ugly ass scars but my man Pastor still managed to get in to the pants of an Argentinian hottie Saturday night, those scars didn't stop her at all. So I am pretty much optimistic about the career path I took, and the rest of my day I spend a great deal of time on something I am so passionate about, that's my real job and it doesn't pay a dime but it is worth every second spent.

Listen, enough with the personal garbage! this blog is supposed to be about stupid funny stuff I encounter and observe during the night shift while you sleep at night, having sex with your girlfriend or not having sex with your wife like most married couple! but I promise that I shall return with some entertaining cab tales since I am back to my real ownself now.

This is a cartoon my friend Lug from Mirth, Musings & More emailed to me, Lug thinks they stole my tag line! It's a pretty funny cartoon but the homeless crisis is real so please let's not forget the homeless and you know damn well it's getting cold on the streets.

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us Mad! We had the greatest time man, They need to follow you guys with a camera, It can turn out to be the highest rated reality show dude! The party in Potomac was the bomb and don't forget my 30th birthday MC!

I am sorry about you and your girl Mad, but I know you will manage.
Thanks again!!


Twoste said...

So do you drive the taxi or does the taxi drive you?

Mad Cabbie said...

Anytime Josh, We enjoyed having you and Pastor is still jealous of you having a hot girlfriend. Is she back from her biz trip? and no we won't forget your birthday party...and you don't have to feel sorry for me, I will be okay but I do appreciate your concern.

Twoste: What are you trying to say? What does "Does the taxi drive you?" mean?

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Hey Mad,
Glad to see you got home safe (and had one hell of a time).
Oh, I've pictures and a story for you over on my blog.
~your favorite insomniac, southern belle, pseudo-hippie nursing student

lugosi said...

That comic generated a letter to the editor from someone who didn't find it terribly amusing.

J-Funk said...

I love that you love your job so much. That's inspirational. And it sounds like a great party!

Claire said...

Dear Mad Cabbie,

You're just havin' too much fun, Dude. Although I don't smoke either, I would have liked to see you in action, under the influence of a contact high. Yes, "Oh, What A Night" indeed, it sounds like!

A word about your lady, Ms. Kim, remember that a marriage license is just a contract. Eash of you hopefully will hash out certain terms and hopefully each one will get something he/she wants. It's all good, Man. Whatever choice you make but all this negotiating is part of the deal. Don't give up on this one yet. Remember what a wise man once said, "All things are negotiable."

I like the cartoon and I won't forget the homeless!



Mad Cabbie said...

Nurse, one of these days I need to take photography 101 lesson from you, those pics are great! and your latest post is funny and make a very important statement at this same time! and last weekend was wild, I bet you had a few of those nights in your resume'

Lug, I think some people need help to pop the bug up there ass, I think we need to get the Rev. Ted Haggard to do that, he knows a thing or two about asses! People need to learn how relax and dig some humor every now and then!

J-Funk, It's not the greatest job in the world but I enjoy what I do Doc!

Hi Claire, To be honest with you I hate the smell and the effect of pot, it makes me sick and after several attempts to smoke when I was in high school I never got in to it. But trust me I am a high person by nature and I could be fun just remember to invite me to one of your parties. Kim and I are pretty much done and no regrets from either of us and we are still good friends, and maybe it's for the better for both of us!

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Thanks for the kudos. I promise, it's just the camera. I've got a fancy one with more bells and whistles than I know how to use.
As for my 'resume,' it's locked up in a vault, never to be seen again. :)
Oh! Wesley and I are coming to DC for New Year's to visit a friend of mine. We must meet up.

Mad Cabbie said...

Nurse, I might go to Las Vegas for new years, I am not sure but if I am in town I will make sure I will buy you guys a drink!

legal alien said...

Hey MC

R u voting in the election

Mad Cabbie said...

Legal, Yes I voted already! we are trying to vote out this thugs out of office man! Wish us luck!

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Vegas, huh? Awesome. :)

kilgorsky said...

Cool post, Mad. I loved it when you said "I live a great simple life and I want to keep it that way." Not many people can say the same thing about theirs.

Btw, the "personal garbage" is interesting too.

Anonymous said...

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