Monday, November 27, 2006


I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving and made time to think and appreciate what you have because I know I did. Both my brothers were here in town and both of my sisters live here locally so everyone with their spouses and kids gathered at the dinner table at my parents house and it was wonderful. The highlight of the weekend was yesterday, our old man and his three sons went to the redskins game at FedEx Field and we had a great time and it reminded me of the good old days and on top of that the skins managed to pull a win so that was a plus. I was driving my brother and his family to the airport this morning and he started talking about Redskin's playoff scenario! what a retard he is. I still stand by my earlier prediction they are going to be a 6-10 team this year.

For those of us who drive cab at night, It's going to be busy until new year's eve because people are out partying a lot and for some of you irresponsible dumb asses who are thinking about getting behind the wheel after few cocktails, it's not worth it, a cab ride might look expensive at the time but it's not. Don't let me pick your ass up from the area police stations after few hours in jail, and I don't want hear that old story "I only had two beers!" bullshit, everyone and their mother tells me that garbage and I don't believe those sorry ass sad stories, so when you go out make sure you tag in a cab fare in your budget and you don't need to worry about killing someone or yourself for that matter. But unfortunately I might have some stories for you soon about a fare I am going to pick up from one of the police stations because some moron chose to drive shit faced.

Please don't drink and drive, and don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Peggy said...


You're so public spirited! I hope that everybody will think twice before grabbing the car keys. Here at Whitelees - the driver (who ever drew that short straw) doesn't even have a sip-o-booze!

Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had a good time.

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Sadly, the people who need to absorb that message are the ones who think they are invincible. There is no telling an alcoholic that she may be the one to kill somebody.
Drive safely this season, Mad. The holidays make monsters of men (and women).

Paradise Driver said...

In my prior life, everyone who said "I only had two beers" would test out at a minimum of 0.15% BA.

Claire said...

Hey Mad Cabbie,

You're so right about not drinking and driving, especially at the same time! I know of one person who is out of control with his drinking and may soon hurt himself or someone else. He's a friend of a friend and he is a Grade A-1 Idiot. I just hope you always remember to drive defensively wherever you are and remember, granting someone else right-of-way means you get to live another day.

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, Cabbie! You found the true meaning of it. It's so inspiring to hear that. Hope everyone in his or her way had a wonderful holiday.

Peace and hugs,


lugosi said...

You're predicting the Redskins will finish 6-12 for the season? Then your brother may be right about the playoffs, because there's only 16 games in the regular season.

june in florida said...

Glad you had a great family thanksgiving Mad.And everyone do what Wil(Paradise Driver) says, figure during the holidays everyone else is drunk and drive accordingly.

Mad Cabbie said...

Very funny Peggy, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving as well. Unfortunately no matter how many times you try to get the message across some people never get it, but we will keep trying!

You are right about that Eryn, you always need to watch out for the other guy and all in all I think women are more responsible than men in regards to drinking and driving. Stay away from the creeps Eryn!

I agree Wil, you ever gave a break to some of them and let them slide? I see some cops doing that shit and it pisses me off!

Claire, I hope your friend will find some kind of help before he does some damage. And make sure you stay out of trouble young lady!

Lug, why are you so quick to embarass me man? But I did make the correction to 6-10! I know you are probably one of the die hards who think that Jason Cambell is going to take you to the promise land this year! I hear that Warrenton is full of Die Hards!

Thanks June, I will try to be as careful as I could be. So what's June going to do during the holyday season?

Twoste said...

Too often I drive drunk. But you guys are so expensive in this town...well, I guess you're expensive everywhere.
Are you a meter driver or a "zone" fare cabbie? If it's the zone fare then I must admit, I can't trust you.

Mad Cabbie said...

You know what Twoste, I think Pastor Joe is right when he called you a retard! I try to be polite to people who comment on this blog but for a loser like you are, who admits driving drunk,that makes you a complete asshole and I am going to pray to Jesus, Moses, Mohammad and Buddha that one of these days another drunk driver like you run over your ass and hopefully you will remember this post while you are sitting on your used eBay wheelchair you FREAK!!!

Twoste said...

Agh, I know...I know...not drunk driving, exactly. More like, I've had a few, I'm not rolling in the gutter or passed out or anything, but I've had a few. Of course I know when I'm impaired enough not to drive, but one time I was really hammered and wanted to drive and a good bud dragged me onto the metro...the trip home was not pretty...I think I violated like 10 federal statutes and scared some children.
But I'm NOT retarded...actually, I really trust myself to drive. We all know our limits, and if you don't then you need to learn them b/c if you ever DO have to drive then you'll know how to approach it.
Thanks for the concern though.