Monday, November 13, 2006


Saturday night was pretty interesting, I had a bunch of American University students who ran out of beer and desperately in need of some more, but the problem? it was two in the morning, no beer store would open legally that late and they needed my help, and for me it was an easy task because I know the right person to call. GHOST!

Ghost grew up selling those tiny 6 oz liquors during late nights around night clubs and college campuses from his back pack and these days he sells everything in the world from his basement for late night deliveries. A case of bud-light could cost as high as $60 at two in the morning but people don't give a shit they just want some more to keep the party going so they well pay anything. When I called Ghost he was in no business mode at all...

ME: Yo Ghost what's up?
GHOST: Stop playin' around nigga what da fuck you want?
ME: I have some AU kids with me and they need a couple of cases of any beer!
GHOST: Not tonight Mad, I am trying to hit this booty! wrong timing bro!
ME: You don't have to bring it here, we'll come and pick it up.
GHOST: What the fuck! are you deaf? NOT tonight!
ME: Come on Ghost don't be a dick motherfucker! help them out! Just do it for me please?
GHOST: You got 30 minutes or less to get your ass here Mad, and you owe me one! and make sure you bring $100, I will have two cases of Light waiting for you.
ME: Thank you! Thank you! We are on our way!!!

I charged them $80 to go all way to Cheverly Maryland to get the couple of cases of beer and back to AU. By the time all said and done each single can of beer cost them about $3.75 but the good thing is they all chipped in and hopefully got more shit faced.

"Mad, isn't it illegal to be an accessory to selling contraband beer to minors?"

Oh zip it! I cleared it with our legal department Mr Tesfaye, an Ethiopian cabbie friend of ours who is an expert with the law! He watches Court TV all the time so I guess he knows a lot of shit about the law and I got the green light from him to help out those future leaders of America.

Excuse me I got to go now there is someone knocking on my door! I think it's some jackass from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms! What the fuck he wants from me?

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

It's sad that people feel some nasty watered down horse-piss is what they need to have a good time. If you like the people you are with you can have fun playing candyland, ya know?
Maybe I'm just a fuddy-duddy. I went through all of that but I outgrew it when I graduated highschool. If you have to be drunk to enjoy yourself, you have more to worry about than running low after drinking for 5-6 hours.
Anyways, good for you for making some cash.

~your favorite stick-in-the-mud, party-pooper nursing student.

Twoste said...

Uhhh, anything? My dealer has gone to Canada for the week...hook me up!

june in florida said...

Hey everyone was happy,Mad made money, students got beer, cops cos kids were not driving and Ghost in the morning probably satisfied, cash etc. Seems to me a good night all around and a boost to the American economy and free enterprise.Actually very patriotic.Put a flag on your cab Mad, your helping the country and doing your bit.

Mad Cabbie said...

Eryn, does that mean you did all your drinkings in high school you naughty naughty girl! Good for you and how is your trip going, I hope you are taking some pictures!

Twoste, I think it's time for some therapy bro, if you can't go with out it for one weekend until your score-man returns!

June, anything I can do for our economy! They say the economy is doing great, maybe for the oil companies not the masses. And when are you going to start writing?

june in florida said...

I would run out of stuff to say after about 3 posts, you and Pastor jog my memory.By the way tell Pastor he cant get away with 4 line posts, leastways not without a good excuse.

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

The last time I did any Real drinking was the summer before my sr year when I downed a 1/2 a fifth of tequila in 7 seconds. Jose and I haven't spoken since and I'm pretty sure that if any of my fellow party-goers had half a brain, I would have had my stomach pumped in the ER that night. So yeah...

I'm having a great time here. I love in in NC and it gets more difficult to leave each time. It's so hard to not throw nursing to the wind and move up here and get a job as a secretary or something.
A few pictures, but not much scenery ion Raleigh.

Catch ya on the flip.

Cabbie X said...

Mad, you are the real thing. Any cabbie worth a shit will know the how, where and who of his city, and you got it all covered!

Mad Cabbie said...

June, Pastor is a lazy writer but I do appreciate his contri though.

Eyrn, I don't want to hear none of that! Get your ass back to school and trust me you will have enough time later for everything else!

Yo X, thanks dude! I appreciate your insight, You know to survive in our business driving at night, you have to know all the shady people.

NurseWhoLvdMe said...


lugosi said...

WHAT!?!?! You want me to get rid of my TV AND take a shower!?!?!?

Xtreme English said...

well, now i know who i can call to get beer at 2 a.m. if my grandchildren are thirsty. you're a gentleman and a scholar, Mad Cabbie. who could not admire you?

Peggy's mom