Saturday, November 18, 2006


I get quite a few emails from you fine Americans and most of them are from guys who want to know the best place to pick up chicks and some want to know the best bars, good restaurants, happening nightclubs and there are the unusual, like the couple who asked me to refer them to a swingers club in DC and which I responded to all of you with helpful tips. But the number one inquiry so far? "How can I meet the one legged hooker Mad Cabbie?" After the "THE HOOKER WITH ON LEG" post, you perverts topped the email count with TWENTY EIGHT different requests from as far as Australia for a close encounter with Ms T. Wow! I didn't know that chics with one leg are a hot commodity.

I tell you what! for you chics out there who can't get laid or having difficulties getting a guy? I think it's time to loose one of the legs ladies, and those qualified scary gentlemen will be in line fighting for your attention and I have a bunch of their email addresses for sale!

"Lugosi, don't be alarmed I am not going to sell yours! "

Please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.

P.S To the racist dude who keeps torturing me about staying away from a woman I have never met in my life, Why don't you ask her out yourself you dick less pussy? Scared? I figured out that you work together with her! One of these days if you notice a tall brotha in your office bitch slapping your ass, that will be yours truly Mad Cabbie!

Sorry I had to squeeze this in guys, this dude is getting annoyingly smarter and my response email to him keeps bouncing back so I would like him to read this as a warning! and if any of you computer geeks out there show me how to trace a fake email address please email me, will you? I am pretty much a retard when it comes to computers.


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Hey Mad,
I just saw that I made it on your wall. I feel so special-like. :) Thanks, man.

As for the stalker, try this: or

Tampa Taxi Shots said...

Since I started driving 11 years ago I found out how perved people realy are. As Jim Rome says "People are sick."

DC Cab Rider said...

Tell that to the cabbie who hit on me last night when I took a ride home from Georgetown. I still have both legs.

Peggy said...

I can't imagine cutting off my leg to cure a shag famine.

Big Daddy said...

Hey, that one-legged hooker sounds familiar. Isn't she involved in a nasty divorce with a rockstar?

Claire said...

Hey Cabbie,

There are a lot of pervs out there, Cabbie, and also some low down mother-f-ers. For this reason, women who are brought up to be passive, non-violent, polite, and so-on usually retreat into closet drinking, eating disorders, or shopping. I know this goes against your beliefs but shopping can bring a gal up out of a deep, gloomy depression faster than a good f-. Please excuse my coarse language. Anyway, as a friend who has a limp told me, it is hard to go shopping with one leg. So, there you are, Sweetie. I would not wish losing a leg on anyone. I have seen enough of that with the returning boys from Iraq. And from my observation, they want to be treated normal, not preferentially or like a freak. Live and let live, I say. If Ms. T gets more business because of the strange appetites of people who need extreme intensity in place of intimacy more power to her.


Anonymous said...

Mad cabbie you are one funny and sick indvidual!

Anonymous said...

I know you are not serious.


Anonymous said...

about selling the email address...


lugosi said...

I wouldn't qualify, anyway. I have three legs, if you catch my drift.

kilgorsky said...

Hey Mad, ignore this douchebag. It hurts them most when you stop paying attention to retartds like him. Simply, don't give him the satisfaction.

PS. If by any chance you meet him, get someone to videotape your bitch-slapping his ass.

Mad Cabbie said...

Of course you are special Eryn and thanks for the tip, His IP address doesn't even show ! How do you do that? I never heard from him after this post, he is probably shitting in his pants at the moment. Have a great Thanksgiving Eryn!

Some folks are twisted Tim and nothing surprises me anymore, and by the way thanks for not shutting down Tampa Taxi Shots! I am a Jim Rome fan as well but our stupid local sports station stopped carrying him. Stay away from the pervs Tim!

DCCR, You can not help it because you are beautiful, beauty comes with a price to pay you know, like being hit on by creepy cab drivers like Pastor Joe!

Peggy, you don't need to worry about that! look at that stud you got in Scotland!

Big Daddy, that's funny man and I think she saying a quarter of a billion dollars from that rock star is not enough! There is a mystery about that missing leg. I once dated a chic with one and a half breast and that was interesting, maybe I need to write about my experience with her.

Claire, shopping can bring a gal up out of a deep, gloomy depression faster than a good fuck? You go girl, I didn't know that you can talk some shit like that and I love it! You see guys are creepy and curious that's all, and if Ms T can capitalize on it? why not!

Mad cabbie a sick individual? No!

TKTK, your secret is safe with me until they hand cuff me and take me to Guantanamo Bay Cuba!

Lug, now I know why those old ladies you pick up in Fairfax county call you Mr Snake!

Kil, He's just annoying me that's all! but you know what? I haven't heard from him since this post! But in case I go down there and rough him up I will make sure I'll have some brothas follow me as a live camera crew!

Anonymous said...

Xtreme English said...

well, i think i'm too old to be reading this. so you children just enjoy yourselves, and i'll be working the NY Times crossword puzzle....

Peggy's mom