Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I am going to be off the next ten days and chill so Mad Cabbie be careful out there at night because your babysitter is not going to be there when you cry out for mommy! I hope you'll take care of all of my businesses with out fucking up bitch!

I am going back to cave in at the trailers with my people in Bel Air but today I am going hunting, that's what we rednecks do, we hunt our own turkeys but if no luck I will settle for a bloody deer steak for Thanksgiving.


Pastor Joe.


Mad Cabbie said...

Please say I said hello to those twin blond chics with missing front teeth!

june in florida said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you Pastor and Mad, What are you doing Mad, Working or playing? Also Happy Thansgiving to all.

Claire said...

Whatever!!!!! Does anybody want to give a word of thanks for the sacrificial bird or pig? I heard that the Native Americans would thank their brother the deer or other animal for giving their life so that they could eat and feed their families. (Did I see it in Last of the Mohicans?) What a beautiful belief and a beautiful people. And they were robbed. Shouldn't we give thanks to them also at this time? Anyway, if you must, Happy Thanksgiving Cabbie and Pastor Joe! :~\

Over and passed out,

(Just kidding. Have a good one.)

Peggy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mad and Pastor Joe. I hope you have a nice day. If you're working, I hope you have lots of lovely, sweet-smelling fares that tip waaay over the top.

niels said...

Best of luck! And remember, there's always pigeons. Tell your guests it's quail - that's what we do.

Twoste said...