Thursday, November 30, 2006


Mike aka "Freddybeach cabby" is a fellow cabbie and a blogger from south of the border, New Brunswick Canada.

"Mad! what fucken planet are you from? Jesus! we know that Americans are dumb asses when it comes to geography but are you really that retarded to know that Canada is north of the boarder?"

Sorry Mike, I started out in DC public school systems and most of our teachers were on crack at the time I was learning about Canada and I hope our new mayor elect Mr Fenty will take over the schools and fix it. Let the record show that I figured out that Canada is north of the United States.

Mike looks like a guy that can kick your ass at any given moment, look at that scary picture of his, but this dude got a strong and big heart and people like him inspire me and keep me going. You think you have a problem? How about your teen age daughter getting killed by a drunk driver for a starter? Yes, Mike lost his daughter couple a years ago because some motherfucker decided to get loaded and drive. This kind of horrible tragedy has to be any parents worst nightmare, it's not something that you could let go for the rest of your life. Mike's doctor suggested to him that he writes a daily journal about his day to day life to help him cope with the loss of his daughter and for the past year and a half he has been posting interesting stories and I have read all of them and whenever you have the time I suggest you check it out.

And this year Freddybeach Cabby is up for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards and he is nominated for the best local blog category, the vote ends tomorrow and please VOTE for him and yes Americans are allowed to vote and yes your vote will be counted unlike Florida and Ohio. I have seen all kind of shit while driving my cab and nothing surprises me any more but one of Mike's post
"Too Late For That" really disturbed me and I suggest you read it.

Mike keep the good stuff coming and you are my hero sir and stay strong, God bless you and your family and good luck at the awards, get your tuxedo ready!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie


Paradise Driver said...

Mad, this post is one hell of a classy gesture. A tip of my hat to you, sir.

Twoste said...

NB Joe Biden's wife and kids were killed in a car accident also.

Saint John Cabbie said...

great post Mad, good to see that the boarder is no barrier to the cabbies of this world keep postin and keep readin as will I....

Claire said...

Not being a Cabbie myself does not prevent me from admiring your honorable gesture and sense of camaraderie. I am sorry for the loss of loved ones due to some idiot driving drunk. That's a tough one to bear.
Cabbie, today I thought of you as I took a pain pill and decided not to drive across town. I very rarely take a pain pill but today thought what the heck (BTW, it is prescribed for back pain). Anyway, this time of year we think of our loved ones and also live in fear of the impaired behind the wheel.
May God watch over you and your brothers as you drive the many roads and avenues in places near and far.

Peace and hugs,


freddybeach cabby said...

Hey mad...thanks for the thoughts and sentiments. I carry her memory with me everyday.

John said...

My cousins husband was killed a few weeks ago. He was walking home from the pub because he couldnt get a taxi.
Sadly it was a taxi that killed him. He leaves 5 kids and on Christmas day he will be dead a month. That week there were 4 or 5 pedestrians killed.
Random breath tests have caught on average 450 per week. This is for a population of just over 4 mill.