Thursday, November 02, 2006


Don't ask me how a Saturday night to celebrate and remember our suddenly departed friend "Wall Street Tom" at his favorite bar in Du Pont circle ended up at a huge house in Potomac Maryland with yours truly Mr Mad Cabbie hosting the best Halloween costume contest among people we don't know! Tommy I know if you looked down that Saturday night, you couldn't be less proud of us on how we celebrated your life spent in this shit hole planet of ours by the way we did! you know how we do it Tommy!

I got to the bar in Du Pont around 8:30 about an hour late but Mr Mad Cabbie, Ali, Jeff, Musa, Alex, Doug, Girma and Mike (The cab driver crew) Mr Hook, T-Bone and Ghost (Pimping department) Allyson, Liz and Jude (Tom's girlfriend and her friends) Josh and his girlfriend (Fans of the blog) were already there and enjoying the second round of drinks. By the way Josh (our fan) How did you manage to get a blond piece of ass like that? she is really gorgeous man! I think you are packing a fire hose between your legs dude! and thanks to Nancy (Mad's sister) and her boyfriend Phil for stopping by for a few minutes and hang among a suspicious looking crowd like us to say hello.

We talked, exchange stories and laughed about Wall Street Tom pretty much the whole night and the plan was to hit other couple of bars in Du Pont and call it a night until our program took unexpected turn when we met some Iranian dudes we know at the bar and who were shocked to hear about Tom's death and they insisted to join them at the Bam Bule' Club in Friendship Heights and celebrate some more. I think it took a packed five cabs to take us up there! When we arrived at the club it was a full house, the music blasting, boobs flying and asses shaking, it was really happening. We got there close to two O'clock and we ordered drinks by the bottles to beat the last call thanks to the owner of the club who is tight with Mad, for hooking us up. It was a great atmosphere with people wearing their Halloween costumes and there was a lot of craziness and for the rest of the night we pretty much took over the club and we were attracting lots of attention and that's why another group approached us and ask us to follow them to some Halloween party in progress in Potomac Maryland.

The huge ass house is owned by a thirty something Indian who is in the pharmaceutical business, when we arrived there were about thirty drunk people wearing some crazy ass costumes and dancing. By the time all of us in the group showed up, there were about thirty more pissed drunk guests carrying a Safeway bag full of weed, thanks to our friend Ghost for dropping 2G's worth of grass on the buffet table, even old granny was getting high. Things were getting out of control it was like the old studio 54, by the time I got back inside after a brief make out session with a girl from Argentina outside the house, the next thing I saw was Mad Cabbie MCing the best Halloween costume contest and painting some chicks breast! it was WILD! man it was good times all away. The highlight of the party was when Mad made a little speech about Tom and afterwards looking at full house of strangers who never met Tom, chanting "Tommy! Tommy! Tommy!" 5 in the morning, that was so emotional it brought tears to my eyes and I am not well known for my sensitivity.

I can't put together in words on how we had a great time and celebrate Tom at the same time! maybe Mad will in his next post but it was straight up Tommy's style, I am sure he loved it. To see a bunch of retarded cabbie friends stumbled in to a party in Potomac and take over and set the tone high and wild was priceless. We thank our Indian host for being a good sports and letting all those scary individuals in your house and that's why we let you had the left over weeds, that will hold you up until your next shipment from Bombay arrives!


Pastor Joe.


june in florida said...

Wtg Pastor and Mad, that was the ultimate Irish wake.Was there any nationality that was'nt represented.Sounded like the U.N.You did Tom proud.

Twoste said...

I would have passed out in the cab between Dupont and Potomac, so nice work on that one...

Mad Cabbie said...

We didn't hear the rest of the story about that chick from Argentina Pastor!

Mad Cabbie said...

JUNE: Only few Americans live in Washington DC! I think most Americans live in Montana! But you are right that party was like a U.N party, there were people from all over the globe!