Saturday, September 02, 2006


It was a shitty rainy night but business was pretty good, We were busy the entire night. There wasn't even time to have the nightly coffee moment with the Pastor and the crew to bullshit a little bit.

I was driving a group of American University chicks back to their dorms from Dupont, the one who was sitting next to me was very quiet and I can tell she wasn't feeling good. She consumed more than she can handle and kept breathing funny, when we got around the vice president's mansion I slowed down and said, "Listen, if you you're not feeling well and want to throw up I will pull over right now! Don't puke in my cab and make this ride real expensive that you won't be able to afford to party for the rest of the month!"

She didn't hesitate for a second, I pulled over quick and she got out and puked a pile of crap right infront of Dick Cheney's place. When she returned back to the cab, boy that post puke smell! I never let anyone smoke in my cab but this time I requested that they smoke. It's the best way to get ride of that rotten stink.

I sped off real fast so that the secret service agents don't hassle my ass. I hope Mr. Cheney will take a look at that pile of vomit when he wakes up in the morning, courtesy from one of the future leaders of America.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

god love ya, mad cabbie! striking a blow for all of us freedom-lovin' citizens whenever you see the chance!!

peggy's mom

lugosi said...

Cheney will probably look at the pile of puke and figure it's some sort of anti-war protest.

Peggy said...

I wish that it would actually inconvenience Mr Cheney. He will probably never know it was there. Unless of course, he reads blogs. :-)

If I am EVER in your cab and if while in your cab, I don't feel well, will you do the same for me? I'll pay extra.

Mom! Another reason to go for Mojitos when I'm in town again!

wil said...

You should have planted a handwritten sign:

"The Last Of Dick Cheney's Brain"

Legal Alien said...

I love it mad cab , you made my day because i am alone at my place and it is pouring outside.


Mad Cabbie said...

It couldn't happen any better place Peggy's mom!

Lug: Maybe he would have though,t that pile was a weapon of mass distruction they've been looking for in Iraq!

You don't have to pay extra Peggy, I will do anything to make your ride comffy!

That would be some funny shit Wil, but If I got caught doing that, you will never hear from Mad Cabbie again, they will dump me to some undisclosed location!

Mad Cabbie said...

Hey Legal, anything to make your day, I wish she took a dump instead. By the way why are you alone on a Saturday afternoon? Is there a shortage of Poon tang in Canada?

Anonymous said...

I was saying that I'd pay extra to ralph on Mr Cheney's lawn. ;-)

(Blogger-beta is acting up and won't let me comment on non-beta blogs at the moment) Grrrr

Anonymous said...

Right, like you know where the vp lives.

i hate idiots! said...

In response to that defective who said you don't know where the vp lives:
The white 19th Century house overlooking Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C. was built in 1893 for the superintendent of the United States Naval Observatory. The house was so lovely that the chief of naval operations booted the superintendent and made the house his home in 1923. The house was "taken over" again in 1974 when Congress turned "Number One Observatory Circle" into the official residence of the Vice President. Today, Vice President Richard Cheney and Lynne Cheney live in the Vice President's Residence.
Carry on...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for unloading the puke there. But watch out for buckshot! Tricky Dicky is handy with the ol' gun. Next time, swing by the white house and show Dub'yah what we think of him, too!