Wednesday, September 27, 2006


They got in to my cab from the Palm restaurant on 19th street, two guys and a woman corporate types, I say in their forties. They wanted to go to the Washington Hilton drop the woman first and continue on to the Woodley Park Marriott where the guys are staying.

The woman was their boss and they were talking about how their meeting went and touching base about the next day's meetings. This woman was intelligent, articulate, respectful and knows her shit and also was very polite to her associates. The guys were very responsive and kissing her ass as you people in the corporate world usually do to climb that golden ladder. After she thanked them for the great job performance and the fun night they had she exited the cab to her hotel and I pulled away from the lobby out to Connecticut avenue towards the Marriott with the two dudes.

Not even ten seconds passed after she left the cab, these motherfuckers started bad mouthing her, "What a cunt!" said one of the guys "The bitch thinks we're idiots" replied the other. With in that short ride to their hotel those retards talked about how everything she was doing was wrong and their ideas would have worked better, and I remember very well that she even mentioned that she was open for suggestion and those retards didn't say shit. I am almost sure if that woman was some country club male jack ass their opinion of him would have been different.

Listen ladies, I don't care how intelligent you are, I don't care if you run NASA, IBM and GOLDMAN SACHS all together, I don't care how many tricks you can do with your pussy, as a woman you are still the Rodney Dangerfield of the man's world so you are not getting that RESPECT yet no matter how highly you think of yourself.

Men are are paranoid of opinionated and bright women and that's why Hillary Clinton is not likable, it's not because she stuck her nose in her husband's business when she was the first lady. In fact Nancy Reagan did more sniffing around the presidency by doing some stupid astrology crap and manipulated her husband than any other first ladies in modern American history but she turned out to be the darling old chick of the right wing. Hillary Clinton as the first lady, all she did was came up with some ideas to overhaul the fucked up health care system we have here in this country, not hire an astrologist like Nancy but she got crucified for it and they brain washed you women to hate her ever since. Look what that fat chin motherfucker Jerry Falwell said about Hillary! nothing intelligent to say besides saying that she is the devil and I haven't came across any person with an intelligent response on why they hate her. Other than her being a liberal like most democrats are which is nothing out of the ordinary, I can understand if conservatives don't like her for that reason but I do believe men in general are intimidated by women like Hillary.

If I was a female I would simply give her my vote just because she is a WOMAN! and its time for our society to understand what women contributed to our civilization and that chicks are capable of running this world and what a better way to send your message by giving a woman a chance to the most powerful position on this planet.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Oh she knows what they say but why should it bother her... She's still the boss.
Some things in this world just never seem to change but what goes around does come around... or so I'm hoping.

Anonymous said...

The problem is most women don't have the confidence of other women in fact there bound to be more jealous of each other so I doubt that she well get the majority of the women vote.

Anonymous said...

MAD! "PUSSY TRICK?" You killing me Mad, I am hooked on you!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is this just for some Pussy, as Josh said?
Say it ain't true MC.

wil said...

Hey, MDCC, why do all your commentors have the same name?

BTW - I agree with you 100%

Mad Cabbie said...

I think she will have the majority of the women vote...I hope!

Josh, I used to know a chick who called her poon tang "Ms Whodini" and she was a full of tricks!!!

I am with you, "Go Hillary Go!"

I don't think you understood what Josh was trying to say!

Wil, I think you are right they all have the same name, if you are trying to be anonymous the list you can do is try to come up with a fake name so that I can easly respond to you! But what the hell do I know? some folks are paranoid! I am glad we are on the same page wil, and I hope she gets the party nomination because the democratic party needs some bull dog like her not a softty like Kerry!

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's all the same person but schizo.

Twoste said...

I kind of disagree. I mean, if anything, I've seen women, particuarly cute ones, get a lot of preferential treatment in the workplace, largely because older, smart wise coworkers want to screw them. Which is a shame. But the smart ones, they know that fact exists and they manipulate it to their advantage. The older a woman gets (and thus, less attractive, I mean, apart from Diane Lane, we know its true!) the harder it becomes for men of any age to accept their superiority or professional opinion.
It's a mother issue, I'm sure.
I know I feel that way...
I mean, why are there no female cabbies? HUH?!?! HUH!?!?!

Mad Cabbie said...

You maybe right twoste, but usually they are advanced to a meaningless position and the national data shows women make 28% less.......(What am I? A female issue expert now!)Diane Lane! huba huba huba!
Cab driving is a tough job and I can understand why less women drivers out there because for safety reasons..we do have a couple of female drivers at Diamond Cab Co. but they can kick my ass if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Mad Cabbie, you are a stitch! Personally, I am pissed off at Hillary for her support of the Defense of Marriage Act..."Marriage is between one man and one woman"...that kinda nonsense. (I mean, c'mon, Hillary. There was lots more than just one of each in YOUR marriage!) The whole media thing in this country sucks, however. They WANT everyone to believe that nobody wants her to be president and that what she tried to do for health care was bad and stupid. It wasn't! I mean, have they considered wot Dumbya has done for health care?? Filled any prescriptions lately?? It's great that you support her. And clearly you do love girls. Thanks, Mad. You're one of the great guys.

Peggy's mom

gawilli said...

Very interesting post. Although I don't think I would vote for someone just because they happen to be a woman, she certainly has as much going for her as some of the other names I have heard bantied about.

J-Funk said...

Mad - Thanks for sticking up for women! As a woman in a man's profession, I have found some interesting challenges. They want me there (to balance out the numbers) but don't know how to treat me. I think putting Hillary up there as president would really change things. I hope the country is ready to vote for that but I'm not so sure.

Mad Cabbie said...

I agree Peggys's mom, She is not perfect and don't forget she is a politician and she has to walk across the fine line. But who is out there?
You damn right I LOVE girls! more power to you!!!

Gawilli, why not just vote for her just because she is a woman? I read your profile and you are a bright woman and you nead to think outside the box sometimes just to send your firm message and I think she has the same interest as you do and don't forget some men wouldn't vote for her just because she is a woman! Are you going to sit out there and watch? Thanks for commenting.

You are my kind of chick J-Funk! Go out there and kick some ass! Just spread the words the country will be ready if we like it or not!

Shawn said...

Right on Mad Cabbie!

Hillary in 2008!!!

gawilli said...

Mad Cabbie - voting for someone because of their gender is just not me. Nor would I vote for someone because my church told me to, or because of their party affiliation. This is how we ended up with Bush. If she turns out to be what I consider the best choice, then she will have my vote. I read over her "Issues" on her website. She makes no mention of universal access to health care, in fact she says that people who do not have insurance through their employer should be allowed to purchase health care through an already existing provider. There are a multitude of people working two or more jobs for minimum wage just to make ends meet. They are stretching to keep life and limb. How can they afford to buy insurance? I see this everyday. I don't see any mention of minimum wage legislation, either. There are a few I am watching, including Barack Obama. In the end I believe it's a bit of a shell game, but nonetheless, voting is something I take seriously.

lugosi said...

Wait a minute.... I'm confused. Jerry Falwell said Hillary is the devil? But I thought Hugo Chavez said Bush was the devil! Obviously either Falwell or Chavez is wrong, because I don't think we can have two devils, can we?
Well, unless cloning is further along than I thought.

DC Cab Rider said...

So Mad Cabbie is that your patented great pick up rant? ;)

gawilli said...

lugosi - Falwell is the devil - Bush is the puppet.

Peggy said...

dc cab rider - Our Mad is employing a classic long standing tactic here; Treat pretty women like they're smart and smart women like they're pretty. Works every time.

(before you all get angry - most of us here men and women, are smart AND pretty)

Mad Cabbie said...

Amen Shawn! Hillary 2008.

I am with you with all of your concern and I respect your opinion, I hope everyone take their voting very seriously, we have a lot at stake!!!

Lug, What did Hillary do to earn herself Devilhood?

Pick up rant DCCR? How do you rant and pick up at the same time? I schmooze and tell you how lovely you look not rant about Falwell!!! I will show you how I do it next time you're in my cab:)

Mad Cabbie said...

Gawilli, I am with you with all of your concern and I respect your opinion, I hope everyone take their voting very seriously, we have a lot at stake!!! I forgot to say your ID earlier!

Peggy, "Treat pretty women like they're smart and smart women like they're pretty?" LOL! even though you said it's an old tactic, I am a way behind in my game, I guess I need some brushing up to do, uh?