Thursday, September 14, 2006


I know I am not that sharpest tool in the shade, my IQ is a little over the current temperature but please stop giving me those lame fucken excuses on why you're going to those shady neighborhoods at three in the morning when you trying to get your coke, crack, meth, pot, or what ever hell you are smoking because I don't give a shit, all I care is getting paid up front going in to those joints and usually the rides are round trip.

At 2:52 am I was dispatched to 35th street in Georgetown and picked up two passengers who wanted to go 2nd street in south west near the water front which is pretty much a project. You can find any drug you may want to fry your brain with in that shit hole and for your convenience the pharmacists are walking the streets 24 hours a day, they don't wear white coats but they do have loaded guns in case you forget to pay them.

My passengers were clean cut white couple in their twenties and were in a hurry to get their fix. The guy was already stoned he wasn't saying much and the chick was doing all the talking and let's call her "J"

J: Can you take us to 2nd and P south west?
ME: Sure
J: I have to give my friend some money, she have to take an early train to NY.
ME: I see!
J: I can't believe she woke me up this time at night?
ME: You are a good friend uh?
J: How much is the fare?
ME: $12.30
J: So round trip is 24 something?
ME: No, I will give you 10 minutes wait and I need $50 total.
J: Why so high? Are you trying to ripp us off?
ME: Listen, stop with that my friend catching a train bullshit, I know why you're going there and I don't care. If you want me to wait for your ass risking my safety you have to pay accordingly, otherwise just pay the one way $12.30 and wait for another cab!

I know they are not going to wait for another cab in the projects three in the morning, they have a better chance surviving walking around down town Baghdad. The boyfriend reached for his wallet and handed me $50 and told her to stop arguing. Am I charging higher? Yes. Is it justified? I will let you be the judge but I did tell them up front and why.

When we got to south west near the hustlers corner I double parked my cab with my gear on drive while the boyfriend went out and bought his shit. He didn't stay too long and we got the fuck out of there quick. When we returned back to Georgetown the boyfriend was nice enough to throw in another five bucks and asked for my cell phone number for their future trip, but next time I will take them to a place where the hustlers know me by name and his girl doesn't have to bullshit me anymore.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


kilgorsky said...

Mad, it such a trip could get my ass grazed by a bullet, I'd ask for THIS.

Mad Cabbie said...

No kidding I should have ask for the C note! I think I was reasonable Kilg, those brothers down there don't play around at all!

MJ06 said...

You must make alot of under the table money out on the streets cutting deals like that.

Mad Cabbie said...

It doesn't make any diffrence MJ, here in DC cabs take home what ever we make and pay taxes by the end of the year!

Peggy said...

I really wish you could refuse those fares. They're really risky.

(you know how I worry)

Mad Cabbie said...

Don't worry Peggy, half of those thugs know me by name. I am more worried about getting run over by a drunk driver.

Anonymous said...

i tried pot once back in 1980something, and my elbows went numb. really....i dint enjoy myself, but my elbows were having a hell of a good time! i don't need this sh*t....2 Buck Chuck does it fine for me. but at least i know where i can go if my elbows need a second try....

peggy's mom

Mad Cabbie said...

Elbows went num, Peggy's mom? Peggy are you reading this?
Your mom is getting too wild for me to handle!

lugosi said...

Drug runs are always fun. Well, at least the ones you survive.

lugosi said...

Kilgorsky: Forget the Benjamin Franklins. Gien the current international exchange rates, I'd rather be pain with the new Iraqi dinar.

Peggy said...

Its better that you realize this early on Mad. Nothing ever surprises me about my mom. She's a lot of fun to hang out with.

crazyethiopian said...

Mad...Always have some interesting posts. Keep it up..

Mad Cabbie said...

I bet you survived few of those Lug, what's the lamest excuse had someone came up with when ever you drive them to those shady joints? And I like the new Iraqi bill!!

Peggy, I wish my mom was like that. My mother still kicks my ass if I include "shit" in my conversation.

Crazy Ethiopian, I am glad you like the shit I write. By the way one of my good Ethiopian cabbie friends for years is Girma, his wife always invite me to their house whenever there is an Ethiopian holiday she cooks great "DORO WAT". I couldn't go last monday for Ethiopian new year because I had to go to the sorry ass redskins game with my old man!

Cabbie X said...

I don't get the folks looking to score, I usually get the tweaker dealers wanting to use my cab as cover for their sales rounds. They think that the cabs are invisible to the cops, and they're right. But I usually just end up ditching them, I don't need to get caught in the crossfire when one of their sales goes bad.

Mad Cabbie said...

Cabbie X, make sure you wear your bullit proof gear on, thugs need our service too!

Xtreme English said...

is that girma from P street 7/eleven? lovely fellow, lovely wife, cute little boy!

Peggy's Mom

Mad Cabbie said...

No that's not him, Girma has been a Diamond driver for years and been a great friend of mine. I think the name "Girma" in Ethiopia is popular as "Smith" in America.