Friday, September 08, 2006


I was at the starbucks on Wisconsin Avenue near Newark street this morning waiting in line to get some coffee, and the person behind me was breathing very heavily that I have to turn around and look and see who is going to have a heart attack and fall on my ass. She was a female DC police officer from the 3rd district, she has to be at least 60-70lbs overweight, and thinking about her job description her weight has to be an issue in performing her duties.

I know some of you are going to give me a lot of crap about this, but political correctness is just destroying this country, I know weight is a very sensitive issue and terminating someone based on how heavy they are could be defined as discrimination. But how about when those extra pounds get in the way of the performance you should have when they hired you as a police officer in the first place? How is she going to run after the bad guys? I could knock off that Sun Trust Bank next door and by the time she draws her service weapon I could be already in the Virgin Islands enjoying my umbrella drinks sitting next to some hot chick!

What I am saying is this, you could be the president of the United States or work thousand of other jobs and perform perfectly being obese, but there are some jobs out there that could be physically demanding and that includes being a police officer, which requires the discipline to be in shape at all times like an athlete because others count on you including your own partner.

I have a DC police officer friend, Officer L who reads my blog. I know he is going to give me a lot of shit for this post, but this is the truth L and you know it. And by the way don't forget to pay up on that silly football bet you made on last nights NFL opener! $20 Kiching! Kiching! And I will see you tonight.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Peggy said...

They don't have mandatory fitness training anymore?

The only thing that runs through my mind is the opening credits to Charlie's Angels in the 70's when Farrah & Co were going through their police academy. Looked like everybody had to be pretty fit at least to start out.

Red said...

The military requires a certain level of fitness. They are tested on a regular basis or action is taken to help them improve or move on out.

Anonymous said...

Under the category of "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones," I'm not gonna diss that policewoman. Goddess knows she has a hard life being a cop and raising her family and trying to make ends meet when it costs $100 bucks a bag every time you hit the grocery store. Maybe she sneaks in a few smokes, too, to calm her nerves. My heart (which has three stents cuz I was so freakin overweight) goes out to her. You go, girl. (and don't fret, Mad're right about overweight, and we still love you.)

Peggy's mom

Joann said...

One of my semi-regular taxi customers is a firefighter..a skinny woman. yes she has those long thin strong muscles and could take me down a ladder, but could she get my husband out of that burning building too? Nope.

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

I'm with you Mad. Another profession that should have fit employees? Nursing.
How are you going to tell the morbidly obese man about dieting and smoking cessation when you can barely get your fatass in his room's door?
And don't forget to put down the do-nut when you run to the code at the end of the hall. I doubt the corpse will want it.

/pet peeve

Duchess Of Austin said...

I'm with you, Dude. Fat cops are a bad example to the citizens. Every time I see an obese cop, the same questions run through my head, too.

How can this fat guy chase the bad guys if he's so fat? The answer is that they just get in their cars and run 'em down.


lugosi said...

If they introduce fitness requirements for cab drivers, the entire taxi industry will vanish.

SkippyMom said...

"I know some of you are going to give me a lot of crap about this"

I don't know why anyone would. That is a very VALID point...and why does politcal correctness usurp common sense. Drives me bananas.

I would rather see a 'very' short cop in great condition show up...than a fattie anyday....and don't come after me folks... Cops should not be fat. And WE.KNOW.IT.

Krispy Kreme is the new Pabst Blue Ribbon. Don't hate. I am waiting for a celeb to enter rehab after one of their screw ups and scream "Well the sugar MADE me do it" ala' Mel Gibson...heee.....