Monday, August 28, 2006


Unfortunately my sister is a very busy single mother and I try to help her out with her daughter as much as I could, so I was at my niece's school this morning for the first school day event. Gus Guzzone was one of the guest speakers at the school, he is an elected official in Howard county council and also my old college buddy at the University of Maryland. He is running for Maryland state delegate for district 13 in Howard county. To be honest with you I don't know what his campaign plat form is, he might want all DC cab drivers like me hanged in public if he wins for all I know, but I do know he is a great human being and have a great track record in the county I live in.

If you live in his district please get your lazy ass out September 12th 2006 and vote for Guy Guzzone will you? If I manage to get him one more vote through this blog I will be so happy. If you vote for him let me know and I will give your drunk ass a free ride, or is it against campaign finance contribution rules?

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

I live in Jessup and he's got my vote because of you cabbie, you should be his campaign manager!


ZTerminator said...

You owe me a free ride mad cabby I am going to vote for this goof ball!

Anonymous said...

It took some digging, but I found out he's a member of the only political party I'd vote for these days, so if I lived in Howard County, I'd surely vote for him. He's got a lot of folks happy with his efforts on behalf of the environment. Go, Guy!

Peggy's mom

Adams Morgan said...

I did work with Guy in Capitol Hill years ago when he was a staffer he gets things done. I hope he wins. I live here in D.C mad cabbie so I can't vote for him.

Why do I have this feeling I have been in your cab before?

Mad Cabbie said...

Tom,thanks man, I don't know about being a manager but I could be a good strategist, I could delever people who never voted in their life before. Capitol Hill are you listening?

You got it zterminator, email me at just don't throw up in my cab!

Peggys mom, I hope Guy heads to capitol Hill in the future, he is a man of action.

Adams morgan I am glad you knew Guy. If you're a night party animal you might have been in my cab, Well you know what I look like now.