Thursday, August 24, 2006


I picked up this chick from capitol hill and she wanted to go Arlington, I say she is about in her early thirties, quite attractive and had a few drinks and wasn't happy at all. She just broke off with her boyfriend and was telling the bad news to her friend on the cell phone. She was talking about how he always embarrassed her in front of her friends with his drinking problem and she couldn't take it anymore. But the most interesting thing she said at last was "Fuck him! I was tired of that small dick anyways!"

Most women who ride in my cab always tell me size really matters whenever the penis subject comes up and they are usually drunk when they make the comment and that means they are telling the truth. Both of my sisters don't hide that fact either. Once I hooked up my younger sister with this good looking tall nice dude, and they stopped seeing each other after few months, when I asked her what happened and I still laugh by her response, she said she has a bigger dick than he did! sorry guys the loud mouth runs in the family!

After my passenger finished talking to her friend and hang up the phone I said, "I bet you told him the size didn't matter when you first started?" She couldn't help but laughed her ass off and said "listen, any girl who says the size don't matter crap is lying to you, size does matter honey! But women compromise for other nice things about their guys, in my case this guy I just broke off with is a complete jerk so I won't short change myself if you know what I mean!" We got to her place and I wished her luck.

I know this is not a good news for some of you guys who live in the small dick wonderland, you better have all kind of tricks under your sleeves to off set the deficit, you know like buying a big ass Cadillac Escalade or something.

"Did you say some of you guys Mad? Are you trying to say you have a big one? Those hookers around the Washington Post building are saying otherwise, they feel guilty charging your ass for that little pencil you carry around Mad Cabbie!"

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Jamy said...

It matters and it doesn't--and there is such as thing as too big. Most women will tell you that girth is more important than length. Length just gives you more options, position-wise.

But if you really love a guy, it doesn't matter. Because, as great and important as sex is, it's just one part of a relationship. If you love the guy, the sex will be good. If you both make an effort, the sex will be good, no matter what his size.

Peggy said...

As evolved as some men get, they still go for the girl with the big boobs every time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jamy that it isn't important as long as you care for each other. I once dated a guy who didn't have much but he DEFINITELY had talent.
Peggy, they don't go for the girl with big boobs. I know from experience.

Mad Cabbie said...

Jamy: "the sex will be good, no matter what his size." That could be true with a new fling for a while but as time progress it might get a little tricky but I do agree that the girth is more important than the length.

Peggy: In my case boobs and tall girls get my attention, I am 100% guilty of that.

Anonymous: Guys do go for big boobs, they are like magnets make sure that there is a big heart in between. Maybe you are too picky, you go for the studly guys!

lugosi said...

That's why I always walk around with a cucumber in my pants. At least it helps with first impressions.

Jamy said...

Actually, I think size would matter MORE with a fling. It's in a long term relationship where you have time to do more exploring that I think you could make up for a size deficit.

Tish said...

It's true that there are dicks that are entirely too small. On the other hand, though, there are some that are way too large! OUCH! And then, there are some dicks that are just downright ugly. I once dated a guy that was cool as hell until I saw his ugly dick. Sent our relationship straight to hell in a handbasket!

Mad Cabbie said...

I don't know Jamy but I think the excitment of the fling itself can override lots of things you're kindda blind sided..but with a long term relationship it's like "Oh no, not that fucken soup again!!"

Tish! Down right ugly uh? I guess you could be right, I have seen my share of ugly pussies. BTW looking at your BF's pic I can tell he is Mr. Jackhammer!!! Lucky Tish:)

Tish said...

LOL, Cabbie. Ugly pussies, eh? I don't even want to ask any questions about that. I'll just take your word! You sound like a man who's in the know! hehehe. Hey, how do you know so much about my bf? ;)

Have a great night. :)

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