Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I have never intentionally overcharge my passengers in my 16 years of cab driving adventure. If I am going to charge you more I will tell you that up front on how much the fare will cost if the ride is out of the ordinary, like if you wanna bang your woman in my back seat, or if have to drive you all over the place looking for hookers, you know, shit like that and in that case the zone system is not going to fly so I will tell what my time is worth in advance. Squeezing a buck or two of you is not going to change my life and it is the WRONG thing to do, most DC cab drivers are honest guys, but like any business there are few bad apples and that makes people suspicious of cab drivers, especially here in Washington DC because we don't use meters and use confusing zone systems.

So today I will throw a bone at you on how to be an intelligent cab rider if you live near Connecticut and Florida near north Dupont or Kalaroma heights. Make sure to walk a few blocks and flag your cab at the corner of Connecticut and Florida because it could be three different zones 1, 2A, and 2B from that spot. For $6.50 you can get a ride all way to Union Station, Capitol Hill the House and the Senate, all over down town, South west north of E street, Washington Hospital center, Columbia heights, National Zoo, Vice president's mansion, Georgetown main strip and Georgetown University, Kennedy Center and the Watergate, George Washington University, all over Shaw and on all way up to Georgia and Randolph. That's why I call it the "Golden Spot" for you passengers not for us hackers, its more like a "Give a passenger a free ride Spot" for cab drivers so don't be surprised if some cab drivers simply ignore you and blow you off if you're standing at that spot especially this Diamond Cab driver I know with a fucked up hair and picking his nose.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Jamy said...

I go from that area (south of U) to just past Union Station all the time--it's two zones, but about half the time, the cabbie wants to charge me for three.

If they overcharge me, do you think it's ok to just pay the three zones and not tip? I don't want to have a fight and ideally, I like them to wait for me to get into the house. And, it's not really fair since I'm at the edge of a zone. A block further and it WOULD be three zones.

Mad Cabbie said...

Hell no, it's not okay to get ripped off. This the way you do it, when you get to your destination without asking how much the fare is just thank him for the nice ride and pay for the two zones plus what ever you wanna tip him and ask the driver to wait for you til you get in, most drivers will make sure you get in safe. I do it regardless they tip me or not.(Chicks only)

That's not your problem because you live on the zone line, that same driver who wants to charge you for three zones doesn't have an ounce of guilt for charging people for a second zone just because they crossed a zone line by two blocks, thats his right by law to charge for the second zone and thats your right to live at the edge of a zone line.

Anonymous said...

I love the blog. I'll be honest though: it's more than a few bad apples. I would say 7 out of 10 times, the cabbies try to rip off. I'm not confrontational, so usually I pay. Is there any way to avoid being ripped off? Should I ask the fare ahead of time?

Mad Cabbie said...


This is a good website that can tell you the cost of a fare from point A to point B in DC. Don't let anyone steal money out of your wallet. Just simply pay the fare without asking how much it is when you get dropped off and act like you know your shit. If they disagree always carry a small print out from the web site and explian it to the driver before the cops do. I know its a hassle but its your duty to keep dishonest drivers off the street!

kilgorsky said...

I didn't know you guys didn't have the meters. Good tip for all the DC residents.

Anonymous said...

I have taken probably 50 cabs between Dupont Circle and where I live in Mt. Rainier, MD. The milage is 5.45 miles -- I am 100% certain of this.

I have never once been charged an honest rate. One person, no rush hour, no bags, the fare is $12.25. I have never been charged $12.25. Never. Always anywhere between $15.00 and $25.00 (many cabbies either illegally refuse to take me to MD, or if they do, then they illegally refuse to set the triptometer). A few bad apples? In my experience, if you travel from DC to MD, be prepared to be ripped off. Know your milage, know your fare, know the rate, and if you are overcharged then report. That simple.