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I am a casting director at Bullrun, a new TV show from Spike TV, which is based on the automotive rally of the same name. We are looking for drivers to compete in the televised version of Bullrun in October, which will go from Vancouver to Los Angeles. These people need to love their cars.

Right now we are specifically searching for taxi drivers who have their own car or truck (or taxi!) that they love. We are especially looking for outgoing, personable and young people.

Since I'm sure you have access to taxi drivers I would appreciate if you could pass this information on to anyone you think could be a potential participant in the show. We want great cars and great people who are 21 years of age or older, have a passion for their car, know someone who could be a co-pilot and have a good driving record. Please have them contact me (of course, if you're interested, you can contact me as well). They can also go to for more information.

Thanks for your help!
Roberta Brodsky
Casting Director

This is one of the emails I receive every now and then from diffrent media outlets. No offense Roberta but I can't believe that there are some geniuses out there who invest even $10 in this garbage. Who is going to watch this shit? If they could get about twelve people including Lugosi to watch this masterpiece Spike TV has done well. Send me a script first next time.

Here is from some chick from BBC radio:

From: "Emma Robbins"
[Add to Address Book]
Subject: BBC World Service
Date: Sunday, July 23, 2006 10:02:35 AM [View Source]


I work for a radio programme called The World Today on the BBC World Service and we're doing a feature on the Lebanon-Israel situation and talking to taxi drivers from around the world, asking them what they think about the situation and what kinds of conversations they've had with their passengers about it. The programme goes on air tomorrow morning, and we need to have a short interview with a taxi driver from the US today, as soon as possible. It would only take a few minutes by phone.

If you have anything to say on the subject or any other taxi drivers you know have had any interesting conversations about it with their passengers then it would be great if you could get in touch as soon as possible. Either email me here or phone me on 0044 207 ***-****.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,


Sound bite interviews makes you sound stupid, I didn't want to embarrass my fellow intellectual cabbies like Mr.Lugosi sounding like a retard so I told Emma to read my opinion in full on the air but she told me to go fuck myself and now I have a law suit pending against Tony Blair, the Queen, Manchester United, The British government and Benny Hill!

"Mad! Benny Hill has been dead for ten years you retard!"

Okay I will sue the town of Notting Hill instead.

And from some dude at the Washington Times for a lunch interview, (Lunch? I don't know you that well! What did this guy had in mind? But I would have gone if it was a chick!)

Finally this one from some dude at Stanford working on his PhD.....

Hello Mr. Charter,

I am writing to you because of your taxi blog. I'm a PhD student at
Stanford and I'm doing a project on technologies that can reveal a
user's location, like GPS. I'm trying to get the opinion of a number of
cab drivers regarding the use of GPS in their cabs--some companies have
this already (in the form of satellite maps); others don't want it
(like Philly cab drivers who are striking over the installment of GPS
this fall because they consider it surveillance).

I'd love to know your opinion about this. Would you have a minute to
answer the following questions for me? I'd really appreciate it.

1) Do you have GPS installed in your cab now?

2) If yes, how has it changed the way you drive cab? If not, how do you
think driving cab with the assistance of GPS will change the way you

3) Who can/would likely be able to see the whereabouts of cabs? Other
drivers? Management only?

4) As a cab driver, is/would it be helpful to you to see the location
of other cabs? Why?

5) When do you think cab drivers use satellite mapping that GPS

6) What's the best thing about GPS in cabs? What's the worst thing
about GPS in cabs?

Feel free to forward these questions to others. I really would love to
get a wide set of opinions.

Thanks so much!

Ingrid Erickson
Stanford University

Sorry Ingrid I can't help you with this one, I don't even own a television set at home let alone GPS in my cab. I am still working on my map reading technique which I got from seven-eleven for $12. Cabs in Washington DC don't have well functioning brakes so $500-$1000 investment in GPS is not in the near future, but as a public service announcement I posted your questions to any cabbie out there who is interested in the survey. Please email Ingrid Erickson.

From now on, anyone wants Mad Cabbies time? Your people need to call my people and officially Jamy is my agent now, you go call her and leave me alone and that includes you Mr. Spielberg

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Jamy said...

I'll do it, as long as I get my 15%. (This cracked me up, btw.)

You have no way of knowing this, but my brother is a literary agent. If you have a book, I can hook you up. ;)

Mad Cabbie said...

15%! Deal

Me? Book? I can't even write my name properly.

wil said...

I am the one who recommended the Stanford student to contact you. I had a lengthy e-mail conversation with her and she is legit. I thought she would benefit from your perspective.

Mad Cabbie said...

Wil, nice to hear from you, long time no talk. You recommended my insight to a PhD candidate? I guess you forgot that I am a retard.

How is everything back in the island Wil? btw do you have a GPS in your cab?

lugosi said...

Our company has GPS, but it's only used to prevent us from "hooding." We use a computerized dispatch system that divides northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland into geographic areas, and drivers used to do things like post into Fairfax city when they just dropped off at National Airport.

I'm not a big fan of electronic maps. It's just not the same as looking at those ADC map books. Just doesn't give you the same... perspective. GPS also doesn't take into account that there are certain roads you just don't want to be on at certain hours, or under certain weather conditions. Besides, if you've been hacking for a while, you'll know the area fairly well. Then again, that's just my opinion; I do know of a couple of drivers who have bought after-market GPS units for their cars.

Which brings up another factor to consider: Who's going to pay for the units? I'm guessing most cab companies don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for each of several hundred cars unless it's absolutely necessary. Especially when it's easier and cheaper to just tell the drivers to go buy a $12 map at 7-11.

And as far as TV is concerned, I'll watch anything provided it has women with big hooters.

Mad Cabbie said...

Lug, Red Top is the real deal, Do you know at Diamond they don't even have a cheap ass $500 Dell computer for order entry. They still do it the old fashion way "a pen and a paper!" There is not a lot of hooding because most driver have known each other for the last 90 years so there is some respect among drivers, but the roookies do it until they learn the hard way when the dispatcher finds out and starves them to death. I like the ADC map, I barely use it though, maybe when I have to drive some passed out drunk who lives in Maryland or Virginia, I always make sure I get thae full address before they pass out or they don't get a ride from me, thats when the ADC comes in handy other than that when you drive at night as long as you know where the whore houses, clubs, after hour moon shining joints, shock truma centers, jails and all night bond places you are good to go.

I Junked my TV almost ten years ago when I moved up here from the city and never owned a TV since. The only time I miss it is the NFL season, so I have to go to friends house or my sister's crib. Life without tv will work wonders for you lug, and those women with big hooters I'd rather see them live.

Hey Lug thanks for that cartoon, that was funny as shit man, I will email you some garbage soon.

wil said...



Yeah, right.

Hell, we don't even have radios that cover the entire island.

I don't always comment, MDCC, but I drop by everyday.

Emma said...

Just in case any BBC managers are reading this, I must stress that my language was a little more restrained than Mad Cabbie has implied... Very funny article though!

Mad Cabbie said...

Any BBC managers reading this crap, Emma was a professional it's just my vocabulary is very limited about 200 words I say, so I have to spread out the limited words I know including the tasteless ones.

How about paying her more money? She's making your ass look good every day.

Emma you were nothing but polite during our communications, I am honored that BBC even knew I existed.