Sunday, August 27, 2006


My Ethiopian friend who lives a few blocks from me was begging me to go to a Buddhist temple with him for the last ten years. I always wanted to go, and after I thought about it for the last ten years I went along with him this morning and he was shocked when I called him this morning to tell him so.

We know that you're retarded Mad but why it took you ten years just to go and check out some spiritual joint?

I am at a point of my life where I need some spiritual guidance and the advice I was getting from my Pastor Joe wasn't the highway to heaven. Ten years of the pastor screaming at me didn't enlighten me at all.

I did enjoy my first day at the temple in Silver Spring. Are all Buddhist short? I looked like clown standing among them. I am not going to say much now but it was interesting. I grew up as a Catholic but I lost my interest during my teens after they told me its pretty much a one way ticket to hell if I don't stop jerking off. Getting laid in high school wasn't an easy task so what do you want from me? But I do base my life on always doing the right thing and live life simple and I think I am doing pretty good on that aspect so far.

I have the next three days off and I have five days worth of shit to do. I am going to take out my niece (who is excited for the first day of school tomorrow) to dinner and come back home and call it a day. It was a very productive week.

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie


Anonymous said...

Dear Mad Cabbie,

Just a personal sharing: I 'discovered' Buddhism some years back after having studied Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc. In the same breath, it's probably the most 'difficult' & the 'simplest' philosophy to adhere to. Sounds oximoronic but it makes you think & experience life in a totally different light.
Not trying to be preachy here,I'm just a regular guy trying to make a decent living; maybe you can check with your Ethiopian friend, but it's worth checking out nevertheless.
Have a great journey!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mad Cabbie....I have tried all of these religions, and the best one so far has been NOT GOING TO CHURCH AT ALL EVER. If you don't have to work on Sunday, just spend that hour or two at home doing good works, like sorting newspapers from the trash for recycling or having a cup of coffee or getting a few extra winks of sleep, and God will bless you mightily. Take my word for it. God doesn't give a crap about our religions.

Peggy's mom

Peggy said...

For somebody who always signs his blog entries "Don't forget the homeless" you're not going to hell along the quick road. In fact, that isn't the road you're on at all. I believe that our spirital journey (trying SO hard not to sound like an old hippie) is just that, a journey. How every excellent that you made your friend happy and visited the buddhists.

wil said...

In "Oh, God" John Denver had a line:

"I don't belong to any church."

God (George Burns) replied,
'Neither do I."

Religious beliefs are personal.

Organized religions were created as a lazy man's way of earning a living.

The sole purpose of 6 of the ten commandments are for the benefit of the "priesthood" and not the people.

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks Eric, I will be going back and see what happens.

Hey Peggy's mom, "God doesn't give a crap about our religions." I think we should copy right this phrase for a bumper sticker and we will make a killing. Thats real funny!

Thanks for the kind words peggy but your heard what your mom said!
I love your mom! she is a riot!

I couldn't agree more Wil, but there has to be some kind of "TRUTH" out there you know !

Anonymous said...

Mad, thanks for your kind words...but I can't claim authorship of that saying. That's a mangled quote from Carlyle, the famous Scottish philosopher/whatever, who said, "It is a mistake to believe that God cares about our religion."
But you know, Peggy is very Zen without even thinking about it, and she's my hero. She's was wonderful of you to make your friend happy.

Peggy's mom

You, too.

bricotrout said...

the nice thing about buddhism, if it helps you at all, is that it is not a religion. since 'religion' deals with the nature of 'god' and how to adhere to 'his' liking through practice, worship, and belief, buddhism does not fit into that definition. the 4 noble truths (the 4th being the eightfold path) is a very simple set of guidelines on how to live life more congruently with existance. not anywhere does budhism discuss 'god'. it was that casting aside of speculative theism that attracted me.

Mad Cabbie said...

The best advice I ever got Bric, I am planning to go back in the morning. I thank you sir!
How is madame Tish doing?