Thursday, May 18, 2006


Picked up a heavy set Latino woman around 18th and Belmont and enroute to National airport I picked up another yuppie with a briefcase at 23rd and P, he also wanted to go to the airport so I let him sit up front with me and off we go through Rock Creek Pkwy. This guy was yapping on the cell phone with his buddy on how he would not date the chick they met the previous night because she is fat, this guy was so rude and insensitive every other word coming out of his mouth was "fat ass, pig, butter face, heavy weight....." I can see the woman in the back seat was being uncomfortable and I was so getting pissed off, I really wanted open the door and kick him out while the car was cruising 40mph.

When we got to the traffic light by the Watergate I pulled over to the right and with a commanding voice I said "You are going have to turn off the cell phone NOW or you are going to walk to the airport!" without turning off the cell phone he said " The last time I checked I live in America man..." He ignored me and started to continue talking." The last time I checked this is my cab, if I have to drag your ass out I WILL!" I screamed, and then he knew that I was being serious, he said "what ever man!" and turned off his cell phone.

We got to the airport a few minutes later and my heavy set passenger got off at the Northwest terminal, when we got out of the cab to get her luggage from the trunk I apologized to her for the behavior of the jack ass still sitting in my cab. "You know, I am not bothered by idiots like him don't worry about it" she said after paying me very well. When I returned to my cab to drive him a few more yards to the Delta Shuttle terminal, he said "Sorry dude, I wasn't trying to be a jerk, I didn't notice you had a fat chick in a back seat, no wonder you were about to kick my ass, I am so sorry man!" bumping his forehead with his hand and watching the lady walking to the terminal.

Even though I threatened and screamed at him he still gave me a very handsome tip, I guess he kind of felt I deserved it for that uncomfortable moment.


DC Cab Rider said...

What a jerk. Great restraint on the woman's part for not bashing him on the head.

Lugosi said...

She should have dragged him into the backseat and sat on him.

Lugosi said...

What? It was only a joke, for crying out loud!