Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Last night was quiet, Washington DC on a Monday night is just waste of time and gas driving around but I still managed to pull off $200.

The only thing might be worth writing about is, I picked up this AU(American University) student from Sibley hospital,about late teens early twenties from New Jersey, She was going back to campus, her eyes were blood red, I guess from crying and I asked what happened, she said that she wasn't feeling well all day and when she got so dizzy she went to the ER after a few tests they told her that she is pregnant. She kept saying "how could it happen! I don't believe it! We always use condoms."

I asked her what she is going to do and she said " I have to find out who the sperm donor is first, I am dating two different guys casually, Oh my God I am fucked! I just don't understand why the condom didn't work, and you know what, the doctor said its a good idea to take HIV test to be sure. God I am fucked." and I said to myself "You are fucked big time!"

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Joann said...

There is a lot to be said for old fashioned chastity.