Tuesday, May 23, 2006


As a veteran cabbie I have heard all kind of stories from passengers, riders feel free to let it off because there is always that comfort zone with cabbies for some reason. People talk about personal stuff that they don't discuss with their own shrink with cab drivers, so I have heard all kind of sad stories but as soon as that passenger exits my cab, even though I could be touched sometimes I try not think about it anymore and move on to the next episode.

Last night was different and hit it me so hard, I am down and depressed even now while I am writing this blog.
I responded to a call around 3 am in Cleveland park on Quebec street, there were all kind of DC cops in the lobby of the building, I said "Oh shit!" another domestic violence or something and I have to deal with some angry freak, but that was not the case, the police escorted this elderly Asian lady to my cab, told her that they will do their best and the cop asked me if I could take her to some address in Takoma park Maryland.

This lady was in pain and bleeding inside, she did not hear from her son for over two weeks, they don't know whether he is dead or alive and the police were at her Irish ex husband's apartment asking him questions because the last phone call and visit her thirty year old MIT graduate son made was to his father. She was exhausted, she's been up for over 48 hrs, she was dosing on and off and at one point she thought she was in a metro bus and told me she will get off at the next bus stop, when we got to her place she forgot from where I picked her up from.

She asked me to pray for her only baby, that I will do but in the meanwhile if anyone out there knows and have seen John Kirkpatrick, half Caucasian half Asian male in his thirties within the last two weeks please call metropolitan Washington DC police.
See you later, let me grab some water for my prozac.


bob said...

Yes you sure are right you get some heartbreaking tales on this job. Today I took a guy to the hospital to visit his wife who had just lost their baby. It does tend to hit you as in this case I had been taking him up to visit the wife for weeks and I know her and their first child and have picked them up since the first child was born.The only thing I could think to say to him was that maybe some things are not meant to be.

San Francisco Taxi Driver said...

These scenarios make our work a tough to swallow sometimes but not as tough as it is for this poor lady. My thoughts and prayers go out to her.