Thursday, May 04, 2006


I was kicking ass last night, money every where, I was all over the place. Germantown,Potomac,Columbia,Reston...Every fare I pick up was gold, usually these long trips are pain in the ass during day shift, but one, two, three in the morning, they are sweet runs. By five in the morning I had almost $400 and four more hours to go.

So at 5:15am I responded to a time call around upper 16th street in west brightwood area.This hot chick wanted to go to Dulles Airport, still easy $60 for that time in the morning's. She didn't say a word and slept all way to the airport till I woke her ass up at the United terminal. I was all smiles at the Dulles access road thinking about how good I am and going to take $500+ home. I took an exit at 123 north towards the chain bridge in to the city and the fucking car died on me!

I drive a 1995 Chevy caprice, and this is not your grandpa's caprice, its a muscled up very powerful LT1 engine on steroids.(Hey, Wil you know what I am talking about, you probably drove one of these in the frisco sheriff department) Its one of the best police cruisers ever made, very reliable work horse. BUT my baby failed me this morning with a bad fuel pump. I managed to push it away from the building up traffic and started waiting for a tow truck with a pocket full of money and a fading euphoria.

By the time I got home with my caprice I had only $23 in my pocket and a $133 dent on my credit card.I got to go to sleep now, back to the drawing board tonight.


wil said...

That's a problem with being an owner/operator, all repairs come out of your pocket. Ouch!

Those Caprice's were good cars but I liked the Crown Vic better.

My favorite was the 1969 Dodge Polara with the 440 cubic inch engine. 0 to 100 mph in 6.1 seconds. Top end certified at 157 mph but it would actually top out between 170-175 mph. Faster than a 427 'vette of the era. Huge drum brakes and a suspension system to die for. No "smog", a 25 gallon gas tank (gas was $0.359 a gallon back then) and, on a good day, maybe 15 mpg (though usually around 8 mpg)

With the exception of a few foreign sports cars, nothing on the road could outrun it.

From a dead stop to 100 mph created a "G-force" of about 3g's.

The disadvantage was no "air" and no power steering.

Best patrol car ever made.

Joann said...

I lease my taxi from Yellow Cab. I pay more per week to the company than the owner operator guys do but Yellow takes care of everything. I do buy my own gas.

My fuel pump is making a high-pitched whining sound that makes me nervous. I have had one go out before in the middle of traffic. If I break down they get me into another cab but it is so time-consuming.

When you have a great $$$ day you need to brace yourself because you got ta know, as often as not, you or the cab will break down soon.