Sunday, May 28, 2006


This is a Washington Dulles airport cab rolling down on 19th street few blocks away from the White house. This day and age when most of us, who are not politically sophisticated, with a perception that Allah and terrorism go hand and hand together, and here is this cabbie who doesn't give a shit and proudly displaying his "ALLAH EK" tags.

This might not be a smart move for his own safety in my opinion, but hey, what do I know? One of the things that makes this great nation of ours special is our freedom of expression, and my man "Mohammed" is exercising his right.

By the way why aren't we DC cabs allowed to pick up passengers from Dulles airport since the airport cabs are permitted to take fares from the city to the airport? Where is our right?


Joann said...

We (cabbies) have rights?

DC Cab Rider said...

I remember back before the restriction to the airports. I came to visit my best friend who was going to georgetown. At the airport, a guy came up to me and a couple of folks standing around near me and said he could get us into the city for the same price as the shuttle bus, but faster. So we all got in the cab and he took us to the Washington Hilton (where the bus was headed).

Long time ago, right LOL

lugosi said...

None-airport cabs can pick up pre-arranged trips (personals) or dispatch calls at Dulles. You just can't go through the line. Likewise, Flyers are only supposed to pick up dispatched trips back to Dulles in DC. They can't, however, pickup flags.... Or at least they're not supposed to.

MJ06 said...

Your alowed custom plates on Taxies?

Mad Cabbie said...

Virginia cabs are allowed to do it, but they don't let us do it in DC. I wish they did, have quiet a few ideas, DC taxis starts with "H" and a five digit numbers.