Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Last night three guys flagged me down in front of Walter Reed Army Hospital.They are Iraq war veterans, couple of them with lost limbs, they wanted me to take them to a nude bar of my choice, so I suggested Nexus a strippers joint right behind the Capitol of the United States and I am not kidding, your senator is two minutes away from some lap dance action.

These brave men where in good spirit joking and laughing, Justin made a funny comment raising his prosthetic arm telling me that he had to learn how to jerk-off with his new hand all over again. We laughed and cracked jokes all way to Capitol Hill and I told them not to worry about the fare when we got there. The felt guilty for not paying, who are they kidding? Justin, Mike and Doug, I love you and I thank you! Its because of you guys that I have the freedom to bullshit on this site and that free ride was nothing at all compared to what you guys have sacrificed.


wil said...

Good Show!

SteelSteelMonster said...

I'm not a veteran but was in the Navy. I'm older now and I tell you that there are still heroes out there that we never see of hear of. They are the reason I'm free. America is great because of them and my family is safe and warm. Thanks to all our service men and women!!!