Saturday, May 27, 2006


I am one of those lucky ones who bought property in Washington DC when it was affordable, when it was fashionable to some people to leave the city and move out the the suburbs, In 1991 I paid peanuts for a nice one bedroom apartment in Dupont circle area. I didn't buy it because I was an investment guru, I bought it because I was happy that some bank thought I was to be trusted for a loan. So I really didn't give a shit and this apartment came by and I have owned it ever since. I lived in it until 1996, when parking started to be pain in the ass with my cab and personal car, I moved to the suburbs in Maryland and rented the apartment to these super nice gay couple, they occupied the same apartment for about ten years until the end of last month. I am kind of sad that the left because they were great tenants and at the same time I am delighted because I can rent it out for the market rate which is much higher than what I used to get for.

So after about month of getting the apartment up to date and ready, I spent the last few days showing the place to prospective tenants, most of them gay since Dupont is a gay friendly area, out of 13 applications, three of them I disqualified immediately one of them the guy smelled real bad and it was not a good first time impression, the other was still drunk from the night before and the third one was these husband and wife team from France who both work for the World Bank. I mentioned to them, besides being just about four blocks from the metro, if they are in a hurry all they have to do is walk to 17th street and flag a cab because they are plenty of them especially during rush hours. The wife said "DC cabs? Are you nuts! They are criminals who have license to do more crimes, I will never set foot in a Washington DC cab, we use cabs only when we go to the airports and we call Virginia Red Top Cab!"

That was a very disturbing comment, and I asked her why and she could not come up with a reasonable explanation, besides saying " they are crazy!they are crazy!". I did not want to embarrass her by saying that I am one of those criminal cab drivers trying to rent out my apartment to her, just because her husband was a reasonable fellow trying to shut his wife's yapping mouth when ever she makes stupid comments. I am glad I don't have to live with that bitch, I would put a lock to her mouth and throw away the keys , but the only thing I could enjoy now is the sound of my machine shredding her application papers.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


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I am going to put out APB on RED TOP 69 lugosi

Anonymous said...

U did the right thing man!