Monday, May 15, 2006


People of law enforcement from all over the nation are here in town for their annual gatherings at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, If you are a criminal in Washington DC it might be a good idea to take the week off and chill because there are about 10,000 cops in a four mile radius, your chances of getaway doesn't look promising.

I really enjoy when all these cops are in town, they spend money, they are very good tippers and they know how to have a good time. Maybe too much good time, I have never seen so many guys throwing up all over the place since that George Bush Sr. Incident in Japan years ago. The memorial is located near Chinatown and all night long the out of town cops were walking around with cup of beer in their hand and drinking publicly, getting shit-faced and on-duty DC police officers obviously looking the other way .

I pulled over at 7th and G street for these state troopers from Kentucky, fucked up beyond imagination, they wanted to go back to their hotel on 12th and K which is a few blocks and they were bragging on how they handle their liquor and telling me that those California and west coast cops are pussies (sorry Wil!), can't handle their umbrella drinks....Talking trash but all fun. Finally after they paid me, one of the troopers said to me " If you ever get in trouble or visit Kentucky look me up!" and handed me his card. I don't even know where Kentucky is on the map but who knows, I might plan my next exotic vacation in Kentucky so I will keep the card in a safe place.

Early this morning my last run was a trip to Union Station, when I passed through Chinatown I noticed good number of lucky birds all over H street helping themselves on open buffet of dried vomit, courtesy of our men in uniform.


wil said...

Over the years, back in the day, I "busted" many out-of-control parties.

Also attended many a "cop" party.

Believe me, the "cop" parties were way wilder than the civilian ones.

...state troopers from Kentucky, fucked up beyond imagination....bragging on how they handle their liquor...

Yup, alcohol definately alters one's perception of reality. ;)

Lugosi said...

Kentucky? Isn't that where they invented fried chicken?