Thursday, April 09, 2009


Bruce you did a nice job reporting and exposing the DC inspection station bribe operation. But your story should have begun like this, "After being alarmed by Mad Cabbie's blog dated March 31st 2008, Channel 9 News started investigating......"

I know your inside guys started taking pictures of those ashtrays full of bribe cash in May of last year a month after the Mad Cabbie team reported it.

"Mad what the fuck you want from Bruce Johnson? You're just full of it! Bruce doesn't even know your pathetic ass exists!"

Bruce knows I exist and I know he reads this blog too, we even had other small chit-chats in my cab quite a few times before. He likes talking to his drivers and he is a very big tipper, he is not a stuck up asshole like Channel 4's Jim Vance! By the way what's up with Jim Vance and his earring? Isn't he like 90 years old? Old fart trying to be cool!

All I am saying is Bruce should have given this blog a shout-out, my fans and I would have been proud. I might be wrong but I feel that my post about the DC inspection station inspectors special relationship with corrupt cab drivers was the initial source of his investigative report.

By the way, Dear Taxi Cab Commissioner Leon Swain Jr, I know you used to be a police officer bla bla bla and you want to investigate and get to the bottom of this, but let DMV do their own shit and fire those clowns and prosecute them and the guilty cab drivers! How about cleaning up your own office first? How hundreds of cab drivers got their taxi identification cards? I smell rats!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.

P.S For some reason I couldn't upload The Channel 9 video but here is the link:


Thruhike98 said...

Ha ha! I saw that report and told my wife, "I've been knowing that, from Mad Cabbie's page!"

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi MadCabbie when I heard of you papi I thought of one of my investigative blogs....

It hurts .......:/

Anonymous said...

The only fired five inspectors?

At least Bruce Johnson was gracious enough to expose those mafias at the inspection station.

Diamond 888

Anonymous said...

Mad, they were taking $5000-$10000 bribes from drivers who don't speak a lick of english and handing out those taxi hack IDs! Bruce Johnson better stop bullshitting with those penny ass $20 bribes and investigate those fat niggers at the dc taxicab commission.

Mad I am sorry about your dad man, we got drunk with pastor joe last week...that's when I learned about your dad. I am sorry I missed the funeral.

One nut Eddie.

John said...

A pal of mine used to say "Any guy with a pony tail who is over 20, is just like a real pony.....Because if you lift the tail up and look underneath you will find an asshole...

brokemoto said...

I have long stated at the Commission, the Council, the Registry, the Police and any other Forum that I could secure that the Authorities are not getting at the real root of the real problem.

Cab drivers have NEVER gotten a fair shake at the test station. You take your cab down there to face certain death. You will not pass if you take your own cab. The slightest speck of dust and they tell you to wash it and fail you for 'sanitation'. The slightest scratch and they want you to get a four-hundred dollar paint job and have your cab off the street for one week minimum.

Years back, I used to give the few dollars to Cocky DiCarlo, Overcash, Lefty, Bailey or a couple of other guys just so that I only had to go once. Cocky and Lefty would rarely take a car that they knew to be really bad. I never wanted to send a bad car, but that never helped me if I took it myself. They would always make up something, if nothing were really wrong. I once showed a receipt for a brake job from two days before when one racist inspector failed me for brakes. Even the Supervisor would not do anything. I had to go back the next day, and get passed.

Another time, they tried to fail me for a fresh paint job. I tried to protest and the Supervisor, Mr. Loney, would not even talk to me. This was despite the fact that Mr. Loney, had stated, on record, at the Taxicab Commission, that his door was always open to a driver who felt that he was not being treated fairly. I came back one hour later, as a Company Official (I was the Corporate Secretary at Diamond, at the time), and he was only too happy to talk to me. He looked at the Documentation that Diamond had on file at the Commission, looked at the car, and overruled his inspector. I asked him about the driver's wanting to talk to him and he told me that he did not have time to talk to drivers. I showed him the registration to the car and my driver's licence and, in case he was unable to put together two and two, told him that I was the driver to whom he had no time to talk. I thanked him for his time and reminded him of his statements at the Commission. He put the good sticker on the car and walked away without a word.

Anyhow, if the cab driver could get a fair shake at the test station, ninety per-cent of the corruption problems would go away. What they need to do is send a cab through that has nothing wrong with it and put a white guy or a foreigner at the wheel. When the inspector fails it, they should fire the inspector.

I am sorry to learn about your loss, Mad Cabbie and welcome you back. You will have heard, of course that I am back. I have been back as a driver since Samhein and as a dispatcher since February, or so. Who knows how long I will last, this time.


William said...

Mad, I am *so* with you on Jim Vance's earring. Shit is distracting, and it just makes him look like the sad old man in the club.