Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last night around midnight I was picking my nose while sitting at a red light at 14th and Irving when a distressed young woman banged on the passenger side window so I can let her in. When she got off the metro and walked few blocks towards 11th and Kenyon where she lived, and half way home couple of guys one of them holding a knife tried to rob her. She managed to run away from them until she found me. This poor soul was crying, moaning, farting and everything.

I suggested we call the cops so she can give them description of the thugs but all she wanted was to go home, didn't want to deal with the scare at all. The only thing she noticed was that they were couple of black guys, actually she was polite she said "African American gentlemen".

I gave her a free ride home which was only about four blocks so don't pat me on the back for that bone. I walked her to the basement of some row house and let her in safely. There have been all kind of muggings going on in Columbia heights while the cops are chilling at that 7-11 on 14th and Columbia. If you are especially a female walking home alone from the metro during those hours, use extra care please. I don't want to read about you on the metro section of the post.

In the mean time if you see two black guys in Columbia Heights, let me know will you?

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


peggy's mom said...

Uncle Mad, you're a shining example of humanity! I'd like to say it's a privilege to know you, but we've never met. I just read your blog, and that's good enough for me. I can tell a swell guy when I read his posts. You should get your blogger pal POP to give you a medal or something for coming to the rescue of DC's nighttime people--them as are brave enough to venture out of their doors after suppertime.

Peggy said...

Right on Ma! I think the next time I visit you in D.C. we need to take this guy out for dinner.

Lee H said...

Mad, you've got a sense of humor. I'm still laughing about the chicks as old as 29 from Wednesday's post, and I'm on my way to Columbia Heights from Hampton Roads to help search for those two black guys.

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks Peggy's mom, that was kind of you. POP is great, the way he writes about Petworth he wanna make you leave Potomac Maryland and move over there off Georgia avenue!

Peggy, I may take you to the BUNKER and get you shitfaced!

Lee H, thanks for enjoying that post! And you are a hell of a citizen, traveling from Hampton Roads to look for those brothers! It's unheard of you know, couple of black guys robbing a white chic!

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of time that whites shall take over Columbia Heights....We'll ship the blacks and the latinos where they belong! ACROSS THE RIVER!!!

Blue Eyes.

Mad Cabbie said...

Hey Blue Eyes, don't worry about the brothers and the Latinos! West Virgina State Police and the Jerry Springer Show are looking for you! I think your sister is suing you for cild support, I am afraid we might have to ship you back to the mountains of West Virginia.

Anonymous said...

lol @ MC - true true.

Anonymous said...

Mad ..

I have missed you. So glad you are back. I just read about your Father. I am so sorry.

I live in the DC area and I love your experiences...written and recorded here.

You have been missed.

Mad Cabbie said...

You are so kind! Please keep reading.

Redhead said...

Hey. That was so sweet of you. I think I have a crush on you.

Although "if you see two black guys in Columbia Heights" is like asking "if you see two arrogant-looking men in suits on the Hill." Too funny.


Mad Cabbie said...

Wow Redhead, you have a crush on me? Never had a RH before. Back in college I thought I had one but the pubs said otherwise.

Is this the redhead K I know? and why is your blog down? You started some good shit, what's wrong with you?