Wednesday, April 22, 2009


"Cab 425! Just go run the freaking job man! you can text me if you get shot!"

Robby the dispatcher's response to a cabbie who complained about a call that goes to a crack central in southeast DC. Diamond Cab Company! We are one big happy family.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Robby can be funny sometimes! I use to like his South Capitol and O jokes!

"Your customer is a guy named Veronica! and he is coming out."

Diamond 888

brokemoto said...

When you used to tell Gay Paul that his customer was coming out of #20 or #24, Paul used to tell you that he was already 'out'. Then there was Joe Pompieri. If you told him that you had told the customer to 'go down', Joe would get upset and ask you next time to tell the customer to 'descend'. Paul would sometimes butt in and say that the customer had already 'gone down'. Then there was the whole question of 'blowing the job'.

In defence of Jones, #425 is extremely difficult to work with. He is a prima donna who expects you to do EVERYTHING, except collect the fare.

The other thing about sending these jobs is that Best recently received a letter from the Organisation of Busybody Do-Gooder Guilty White Liberals (commonly known as the Equal Rights Centre/Washington Lawyers' Committee) who sued Diamond a few years back. It appears that they were checking on the 'progress' that they imagined that they had made. The reality is that little, or nothing, changed at Diamond.

Anyhow, they called for a cab somewhere East of the Water and the operator who answered told them to call Schaeffer. Then, there was another recent case where someone at 2041 (the address of the Taxicab Commission, for those who are not in the know) called for a cab. Whatever operator answered also told that person to call someone else. Best received a nasty telephone call about that, too.

The bottom line is that Diamond is under Official Scrutiny, a-GAIN.

brokemoto said...

Oh, and one more thing. Mr. Novell Sullivan, former Chairman of the DCTC, recently called for a cab to accomodate a motorised wheelchair. Mr. Sullivan lives East of the Water. I have few enough vans/station waggons at night, as it is. I did manage to get a van to go over there and get the customer.

Mad Cabbie said...

Phil, I agree with you on #425...He told me his wife had a baby recently. Isn't the guy in his sixties or something?

Phil, you don't do your Washington Post commentary anymore, what's up with that? Is the the price increase of the Washington Post getting in to your budget?

brokemoto said...

I still read the Official Organ of the Compulsionist-Socialist Party of the Nanny States of America, better known as the Washington Post. I also read the Official Organ of the Asiatic Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, better known as the Washington Times.

There is a pall over Diamond, and has been for some time.
I regret that I have much responsibility for that pall. It also makes me sad that I am the only one there who was made of enough to stand up and try to do something about it. No one stood with me and you see what it got me. The people there could do something about it, they just lack the character.

Oh, and Jones denies ever saying such a thing to Mr. Prince Nyarko.

Mad Cabbie said...

Who do you believe Phil? How could I make up some shit like that?

If you see Prince, please ask him!

brokemoto said...

I was stating what I was told. Still, while chasing down something else, I learned something else. It appears not to involve Mr. Prince Nyarko, but someone else. He is from West Africa, but not Ghana. If I can ever learn anything for certain, I will post it, but until I can be reasonably sure, it is best to leave things vague.