Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey Mad DC Cabbie, How are you? and sorry about your loss.

I need help MC,

Where can an average looking professional Caucasian man in his early forties like myself can hang out and meet decent women in the Washington area. You are a man of wealth of information, so help a brother out. You can call me at 240-***-**** if you want.


Onley, MD

P.S race is not an issue with me, I love them all.

I feel your pain J.D, just living in Olney, Maryland has to be a daily torture by itself. I assume an average looking Caucasian man means you're fat and bolding white dude, but that's okay my friend! There is enough love in Washington for everyone to spread around.

I recommend Bambule at 5225 Wisconsin avenue in Friendship Heights. It's a small night club that plays lot of bad music, the owner who is a Persian man in his sixties is also a wannabe DJ sometimes. But who cares about the freaken music? You want to get laid or meet your future bride. This place is full of women from all over the world but very few black chics if you are in to a little jungle fever.

I use to call this joint the "Olga" club because every Russian chic you meet there is named Olga. There are quite a few "Green Card" hunters looking for their American prince to marry them, so pretty much all you need to be is an American who can breath on his own if you are in to that game. There are local American women as well and most of them with their biological clocks ticking so high it's hard to listen to the bad music they play in that joint.

Any how, J.D Check out this meet market on a weekend, dress nicely and be yourself. Ask as many women as possible to dance with you, it will pay off finally. Don't worry about your dancing skills, nobody cares! Trust me you won't be disappointed.

Please write about your experience and I will post it and by the way, I must warn you in advance that most of the women out there are kind of old. I think the average age of the chics is like 29 or something.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

If you can't get laid out of that club, you got to have your head examined. Just a couple of weeks ago I nailed a hot Portuguese honey and I am definitely an average looking white man! Love your blog mad cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mad Cabbie.

I will go out next weekend and I will let your readers know how I did. Thank you for the quick response. If any of your readers want to go on a blind date let me know please. SWM 41 yo, have all my hair not like MC suggested, 5' 11" few extra pounds, never been married, no kids, college educated, works for the federal government and I am a good person in general. Any single woman out there 35-45 let me know, if interested Mad cabbie has my email.

John D

Pastor Joe said...

Hey Zebra,

Why didn't talk about that Armenian broad you nailed from that shit hole motherfucker?

I am still waiting for your decision about the trip asshole! I hate cabdrivers man!!!!!!

Pastor Joe said...

We should hook up John D. to triple D's Debbie! What do you think? I heard she's out of jail now!

Anonymous said...

They're kind of old...I think the average age of the chics is like 29 or something? WTF?!?!

You really know how to push our buttons don't you?



Mad Cabbie said...

I agree with you there Travis, even Mad Cabbie got laid couple of times.

JD, Good deal, I will be the Pimp Master!

Pastor! That's funny dude, "Triple D's" Debbie and JD. She will have him hooked on meth by next week!

Sarah, I would have pushed the real button years ago, but unlucky me you're not into boys. See you Saturday!

Anonymous said...

You can push my real button anytime Zebra.

jamy said...

If this dude is on the level, you should hook me up, Mad. I meet all his criteria and I'm even slightly better than average looking.

Mad Cabbie said...

Jamy, JD may be too shy for you but I can tell that he is an honest nice dude. Wow, JD turned out to be a hot commodity! SO far I got three email inquiries about him......

Jamy, you let me post a few words about you and I bet you I can come up with your future baby's daddy!

eharmony my ass! Matchmaker Mad is the man now!